Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mary Ann is ready!:-)

Hello dear friends and readers~*grin*

Firstly , I would like to deeply thank you all of you that sent me notes and left me comments. I truly appreciate you taking your precious time out and doing that for me!!!*smiles*

Some of the comments mentioned the size of the figurines. I am sure of the size , what I am dwelling is with how *wide* , if I can say like that, the doll should or not be.

I was not expecting the answers that I received . I feel that it made a lot difference for me. I feel more *free* to create but I think that I will keep it more *compact* , because Mary Ann is just like that and I think she has been a good challenged for me.

Speaking of her,grin.... please meet my sweet heart- Mary Ann!*grin*

She is very petite and sweet to hold. I love her expression. Her mouth is *very* detailed. When looking closely one will see that above her teeth she has a gum line .

I will list her on Ebay today and my listing will be for 5 days. You can bid or visit my listing by clicking the auction button on my side bar.
One more thing. Some of you know that I am a painter artist. I am now listing some of my work in which is illustration for children's book on a little etsy store that I open just for that. *grin*
Have a blessed day!!!:-)


Christel Hutson said...

Dear Pat, I think the details on little MaryAnn are superb! The tiny teeth, and gum line! just amazing that you were able to get all those tiny details in there! I know exactly what you mean by "wide" or the thickness of the limbs ect. I struggle with that too, because I have created a few scale dolls, that even though they are only 4 inches tall, the body looks too thick, not refined enough. It seems to me, the ones I make "skinnier" turn out much better, and look like a store purchased scale doll. Mary Anns size looks perfect to me for any collectors dollhouse. I think you have done a fabulous job, and the expressions you are sculpting now, cannot be found on others sculpts. This is very unique to your work, and I am sure many will want these very lifelike dolls. Have a wonderful day Pat, FaeWee Blessings, and warm hugs, Christel

May said...

Te ha quedado de locura.
Esta monisima y la carita es muy dulce y expresiva.
Un amor de nenita.
Besitos, May

Ascension said...

Querida Pat, cuando he puesto la foto en grande he alucinado viendo los detalles que has conseguido, la boca con los dientes y encias, es una maravilla.
La pequeña Mary Ann, es un personaje perfecto para una casita de muñecas 1 /12.
Consigues unas expresiones tan reales, que una muñequita tuya en una casita en miniatura conseguiria darle vida.
Voy a pasarme a ver tus cuadros, seguro que tambien te quedan genial.
besitos ascension

Ascension said...

Acabo de verlos, el de los ratoncitos es el que mas me gusta, aunque todos estan preciosos.
Que manitas tiene Patricia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
besitos ascension

Clara said...

Has hecho muy bien en describir esos detalles ya que así me he podido fijar en las encias. Es una niña monisima y con una cara muy simpática.
No sé si mi traductor no me lo traduce bien pero si lo que dices es que te ha salido gordita o ancha, no lo digas que le va a entrar complejo :)
El vestido que le has puesto ideal.
Besos Clara.

Minnie Kitchen said...

it's just amazing! im speechless!

Marisa Stein said...

she's a little sweetie pie isn't she!

BlacknickSculpture said...

Superb job on your Mary Ann figurine Patricia! Best of luck with your auction!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tita, I am so late...it was a very busy day for me, cleaning my house before school starts...and I see how you have been busy! Her mouth is incredibly detailed....I still don't know HOW you can see what you are doing!!!! Now with my new glasses, I see much better than ever, but small work like this is your specialty! SHE IS SO PRECIOUS!!!! Have a lovely evening my dear..Nita

Dessa Rae said...

Your little girl is just stunning!! I love her expression and the detail of her mouth. I appreciate your post on scale dolls. I have been struggling with 1:12 scale dollhouse babies. It's not as easy as I had thought, and most get squished...lol Some look in proportion till I put clothes on them. You are an inspiration to me and my sculpting. Thank you!!

julie campbell said...

She is so very sweet Patricia :0)
I love her little mouth she looks full of joy !
julie xxx