Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is the *right* size when it come to 1:12 figurines??

I have been debating with my title question....
When I first started making 1:12 scale figurines I learned about the size as 1' = 1". Well, I thought if I did the math all would be just right. I am now wondering about it....
The thing is - I noticed that the better items, or vintage items in this scale are smaller than the newer commercial items. I bought a plastic chair , a kit, from a well know brand ( I can't think of the name right now ) . The chair is well made and I believe that because this company is been around for a long time , they still make their items much smaller than some new companies. I thought it first that this was due to the style perhaps but more I look into and as I buy some more expensive furniture I compare and see a I correct?
I then start to think about my own work... would they be accurate if they are just in the inches that they should be or for that they need to be smaller ( proportionally, if you know what I mean)
This is a debate for me now....
This little girl that I am working on is the same size of many of my other little girls but she is smaller overall. I found out that she was MUCH more difficult to make it too. Her glass eyes were a *nightmare* to get it right in place and her fingers were sculpted with a very fine needle.
She has a gum line and even a little tongue.*grin*
I am also working hard in give my figurine expressions as I am hoping to be able to sculpt portraits that will reflect not just a character but real facial expressions and at this size I do realize that I need to practice a LOT.*grin*
The first picture is what she looks like now... the ones in the bottom is showing her with a different hair style... I didn't like it ... I had to change.
I will dress her next.
I would truly appreciate to hear opinions and comments from you. As a self taught artist sometimes I hit a wall and wish I had help.
((( Thank you so much))))*grin*


BlacknickSculpture said...

Patricia I think your little girl looks wonderful! I have noticed the size difference you mentioned in 1:12 scale.

Many times a 1:12 scale item bought from one company is way out of scale when compared to similar items from a competitor.

Christel Hutson said...

Dear Pat, as you know, I often times create dollhouse miniatures as well. It is easy to get them to scale height wise.. you know, a toddler would be no more than 3 1/4 inches tall for normal height, a 12 year old, no taller than 4 3/4 inches usually. but the size can vary in many ways. I try to keep them somewhat on the slim side as to ensure a proper scale. I sometimes end up with children who have a head a wee bit too large for their bodies. I think it really depends on the collectors personal style as well. If they prefer an elaborate dollhouse, and settings, perhaps they would enjoy the dolls a bit smaller, and refined. Many of my collectors want a vintage feel to the dolls, and Victorian children were often times "pudgy" in it is very hard to know what the fine line is. I think you have no worries, your minis are so full of personality, a wee difference in size will not matter.Your little girl in the spoon is DARLING!! I love the folds in her back, it gives her such a realistic look. I know the feeling well when you describe the nightmare with the eyes, and the settings! I often get the eyes too far apart, and have to reset them, basically remaking the entire head! I start with a nickle sized ball, and as I push, pull prod, and pry, it usually ends up as a dime circumfrence. oh, and by the way my friend, you do not need help! Your work is so unique, and fabulous, it brings joy to all of us. Love xoxox Christel

Susan said...

I think it's the artists view that is important, you make what your inner eye sees. Some measurement guidelines must help but overall you are making a work of art from the heart. I've noticed some figurines of 1/12th scale height are far too thin to be lifelike yet they are visually appealing. I love the chubby life like dimensions of your sculptures. Can't believe the detail in this wee girls features!!! You amaze!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TITA!!! I MISSED YOU SO!!! Well dear one, I cannot help you with the math! HAAA! And I teach math...but when it comes to these figurines, I really have no knowledge at all about the sizes, but all I can say is that these two darlings you have here are simply sweet. You are incredible. I can't wait to hear about your week....Nita

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dear Brian, Christel, Susan and Nita~ I want to (((thank you))) so very much for each of your response- I must go to your blogs and leave you a note there!Smiles~

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma belle....soooooo nice to see you come to visit me, even after having spent a long journey coming are home now, and we have missed you! I just said goodbye to some guests for the evening and I am taking a cup of tea, then I am off to bed. I will look for you tomorrow my sweet....BONNE NUIT MA BELLE!!! Nita

The Old Maid said...

Dear Pat I also cannot help you with the math;) Being a collector I know there are the differences in doll's sizing and I really don't worry about it if the doll is bigger or smaller than the one I bought before;)What matter is if I like the doll or not ;) And you know I like your dolls!:)

Clara said...

Ser autodidacta es uno de tantos de tus méritos.
Esta niña es muy dulce y alegre. Me ha encantado la espalda con su anatomía perfecta.
Yo, para las medidas, siempre hago la conversión de si 20 es a 100 lo que X a 12. Si copias de la realidad 1:1. ¿Te acuerdad de esta fórmula del colegio? :)
Con los personajes hay mucho margen porque hay de altos, bajos, gordos y flacos.
Creo que esta niña estará preciosa en cualquier escena.
Besos Clara.

julie campbell said...

she is adorable Patricia !
The scale question is one which most of us miniature artists have thought a lot about.
I have always worked mostly in 12th scale but although I have always had the height right for my dolls , my limbs and heads and torsos used to be a lot bigger than they are now. I have refined over and over again in the last few years until now I am happy I have it right !
One huge help to me was the charts I bought from katherine Dewey ( her wonderful book was inspirational too ) .
If you dont know of her visit her website for inspiration,wonderful tips and the best scale charts I have come across.
julie xxx

Ascension said...

Es un problema lo de las medidas y sobre todo cuando se refiere a personajes.
Lo demas es mas sencillo de cacular, se divide entre doce y ....ya esta.
Pero los personajes, son como las personas unos grandes otros pequeños, altos, bajos, bebes gorditos, con la cabeza muy grande.
Yo creo que en el caso de los personajes los tamaños no son del todo lo mas importante.
Lo mas importante es que sean reales y te gusten.Los tuyos cumplen mis dos requisitos, son muy reales y me encantan!!!
besitos ascension

Susan said...

Hi Patricia, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. In answer to your question, I don't often sell, most often I give away, sometimes swap. If there was something you particularly wanted I'm sure we could work it out.

May said...

Me encanta la expresión de tu nenita. Las medidas pueden variar según la edad que quieras realizar.
Besitos, May