Monday, September 1, 2014

Collie Border and a parrot on my ebay :)

Hello,Hey its me again!!!*grin*

I have here two animals that I am offering at starting bids $65 and $85.

Come and check them out on my ebay!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our Family Doll House

Hello there !*grin*

I have another blog that I have kept private for few years .... its called  Our Family Doll House.
This blog began as a journal as I wanted to "freeze" the happiest days of my life, where my children were all around me ! :)
Life continue and changes happened but although the family dolls had to be set aside for a while , I never gave up and continue my project.

Its open for public view... if you like you can view it here .

This is not a 1:12 scale dolls and dollhouse its a 1/4 scale to human comparison.

Friday, June 27, 2014

American Miniaturist Cover Page :)

Hello dear friend!!*grin*


I'm a cover page!! well... not me  but my little doggy!!!yeah

I have always loved this magazine.It's very well elaborated  and the smaller size gives such a cozy feeling...awwww!*grin*
Not only I am cover page , you can find a lovely article about me and my work in a 6 pages spread sheets.
some of these animals are available on my ebay for a very small starting bid and will finish soon.
you can click here and then look ate my other items as well.
Thanks for stoping by guys!:)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Wolf available on my ebay......:)

Hello there!*grin*

If you like to buy one of my miniatures, hereis the perfect chance!:)
I will be doing an auction every five day at my ebay to liquidate all my existent inventory. I am working on a large project that will keep me busy for while so a while  I won't be taking commissioned work.
Visit me at least twice a week to see what I got listed if you are inclined!
Thank (((you)))

You are so kind!!!