Friday, June 27, 2014

American Miniaturist Cover Page :)

Hello dear friend!!*grin*


I'm a cover page!! well... not me  but my little doggy!!!yeah

I have always loved this magazine.It's very well elaborated  and the smaller size gives such a cozy feeling...awwww!*grin*
Not only I am cover page , you can find a lovely article about me and my work in a 6 pages spread sheets.
some of these animals are available on my ebay for a very small starting bid and will finish soon.
you can click here and then look ate my other items as well.
Thanks for stoping by guys!:)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Wolf available on my ebay......:)

Hello there!*grin*

If you like to buy one of my miniatures, hereis the perfect chance!:)
I will be doing an auction every five day at my ebay to liquidate all my existent inventory. I am working on a large project that will keep me busy for while so a while  I won't be taking commissioned work.
Visit me at least twice a week to see what I got listed if you are inclined!
Thank (((you)))

You are so kind!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Back from Tom Bishop Show 2014

I am back from Tom Bishop in Chicago !
The show was fantastic as always. I was so blessed to take my youngest son, Ben, with me. We did not take pictures only the one below and the two of me were taken in the bathroom for my daughters. I know... they are not interesting and  full of wonderful miniatures but believe when I say this , its not easy to leave the table and walk around taking pictures. Whenever I was able get away, it was mostly for chatting or buying something.
Tom Bishop show  is the right show to sell or buy. I love it! I truly had a wonderful time and I feel all fire up with new mini ideas. 
My life has changed dramatically these past two years going through divorce after twenty three years of marriage is not something I  ever thought would happened to me, but now, by the Grace of God , I am doing alright and looking forward to what  Christ has for me.
I am currently back in college  for medical sonography, finishing up my second semester . Although my time and priorities have changed, sculpting is in my heart and soul. I took a break but now I am feeling a "call back" (((grin))) soooo , you will see more of it soon.

Happy Happy Easter !!!
Thank you all of you that continue to come and leave me comments even though I have not been around. I love and treasure each of you and appreciate you notes to me!
Have a blessed day!*smiles*

my sign!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014



I know... go ahead and pull my ear!!!*grin*
It has been a long time ... I know.... but hopefully soon I will be able to spend more doing sculptures. Right now I can tell you that I am getting ready for the Tom Bishop International  Chicago Show next week and I can't wait to go... this will be a very nice "break" for me!*grin*
For those of you that don't know, these two precious children and my grand-babies. The top picture is Adelynn... she was born with down syndrome almost 8 months ago. She is soooo sweet!!!
The one below is Alissa... she's 2 1/2 . Let me put this way...when Alissa asks me something , the world  literally stops  turning and I become the silliest gramma in the planet! yep.... it melts my heart!*grin*  I try to hide from her  otherwise I will get in trouble with my daughter! hahahha

Look at her.... can you tell??