Thursday, October 23, 2014

Posable Somali Cat

Hello  dear visitors and friends,

Although making posable animals its not a new thing for me, I am truly enjoying making them now. It takes more time and effort to make a cat with a ball jointed head, but at the end of the day, I think it worth it but I am wondering what do you think?
Honestly, do you think its better having this option or it doesn't matter for you?

I appreciate if you add just a simple comment. ((( thank you)))) grin

This cat is  listed on my ebay for 5 days, starting tonight.

I think  he/she is better in person  because the eyes are very pretty but hard to capture in this scale.

I added few pictures with the head moved ... take a look bellow...smiles...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Posable Gray Cat

Hello dear friends and visitors,

This little cat is posable in its head. She can move her head up , down, sides and till it too.
She available on my eBay!

Have a blessed evening!*grin*

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A trouble

Hello, my name is Ilona.I am going to the barn to see Donte, he's my new baby goat. He's waiting for me to feed him.

Oh no Dante what are you doing up there? 

Come here, I'll hold you.Its time to eat!
baaaahh... I'm afraid...baaahh
                                              Mc Quackers, it looks like Ilona is in trouble! Please hurry go get some          help!
Quack , Mr. Cloud Ilona is in trouble, she needs your help ! Quack , quack!

Ilona, what happened?Bahhh
I'm alright Mr Cloud but please help Donte to get down for me? 
Sure thing, Ilona dear! Bahhh
Thank you Mr. Could, I feel safe now! Baaaahh
Well, aren't you hungry? where is your bottle? I must have dropped.... oh yes, its right here!

The milk still warm and you like it , I see!*grin*

I love the milk but I love you the most! Bahhh

Oh yes, I can "see" that"!!*grin*

Oh Dante I love you too but its time for me to go... I will be back tomorrow!
Thank you so much for your visit ! I hope you enjoyed your stay and perhaps shared our little story with a child that you love!
Ilona and the baby Goat is a collaboration between Linda Fisher and me!!
If you like to visit our auction, please click at the picture on the left upper corner of this page!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Emmanuelle and her Jack Russel Puppies

Hi, my name is Emmanuelle, I'm  four years old and I love to play dress up... 

I waited all day to sit at momma's table where she keeps all pretty things but I fell asleep....

Boo and Abby are my puppies but I don't know it yet as  daddy brought them home to surprise me . It should have been  a happy day, but I fell asleep... 
Boo and Abby wanted to play with me ...

Boo is a very quite puppy  but  Abby is not...

Abby likes to play and she wanted me to wake up but I did not ...

They turned me back and forth and when I was laying on my back they played with my hair, and my clothes but I did not wake up... 
I think momma put me in bed but my adorable puppies did not give up....

My cousin Ilona, came to visit me because daddy told her momma that  the puppies were coming today...
Ilona tried to wake me up but it did not work  ...

She  then played with the puppies since I was asleep. 
I can't wait for tomorrow because when I wake up  I will play with  Boo and Abby!!!
*The end*

This is a special collaboration between me and Linda Fisher.

I made the girl and she made the adorable puppies.
Our auction is now online and you can access it by clicking the picture on the left :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Young lamb

Hello dear friends and lovely visitors!*grin*
I greet you today with a happy heart!
I am happy to be able to make miniatures that reflect my heart and make them available to others to enjoy it. *grin*

This lovely lamb is available on my eBay... just click the link on the right, if you are inclined to adopt it!

The duckling is not!
The lamb is so so tiny... it  1.5 inches long... perfect for a barn, stable scene.

Ilona, my dear this last picture I was thinking of  (((you)))!!*grin*

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Linda Fisher and Woolytales Collaboration

Hello Dear Friends and Visitors,*grin*

A specially welcome to you today because I am very excited  to do this post in honor of my dearest friend and I*N*C*R*E*D*I*B*L*E   artist Linda Fisher.

I meet  Lin  many years ago. I had the privilege to do few collaborations in the past and a lot that I have learned in the animal making  today is because of Lin kindness to me. She makes mostly animals  and let me tell you , she can make "any" animal  for the first time and it will be perfection.

 I am thankful for her friendship  and for the pleasure to do a collaboration with her this week on her ebay. 
Please click on my side bar to access our auction and you can view Lin's past work via her feed back or contact her directly.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Miniature Collie

Hello dear friends and visitors, 

I am here , late at night, posting my latest mini animal - a collie!
A lazy collie ... resting for you. It can be placed in many different scenes ...
Its late so I will leave you with some pictures.... He/she is listed on my ebay!

Have a lovely evening,