Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cheddar ~ Becca's miniature Horse~

I am posting a little differently than my usual. I am sharing with you some of my farm animals pictures and showing you a horse that I am making right now. The real one , shown here is Cheddar. He belongs to my younger daughter ,Rebbeca. Becca is a very gentle girl and since she was little she loved horses. We are not set up to have large ones so few years ago, you got Cheddar. He is tiny and cute.don't you agree with me? Okay... a little fat belly due to the fact that , I think Becca gives him too much treats!*grin*

Cheddar is a very gentle horse.... can you tell?

I love this picture here..... it shows trust and friendship!*grin*

Becca is telling him her secrets...*grin*

The little dog is *Rose* , Gabby's chiauau. All my animals get along so well... some times I am surprised of that but than again I think this is one of the reasons I love animals - they are not like people!*sigh*

Most of my merino wool comes from Charles...the ram you see...he has some of the finest wool you can imagine .... I forgot the number of micron....

Our animals are cared by my husband my children and I, therefore they are very tamed . the sheep runs to greet us and some of them we can even hold.
I hope you like the *tour* and the pictures... I was going to post on my woolytales blog but because I am working on *cheddar* I thought would be nice for you to see in where I am inspired most of the time.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Pat
First I would like to thank you for visiting and your kind words about Callia... I am always so happy when you stop by.

Cheddar... Oh what a beautiful Miniature horse.. What a precious gift for Becca who is such a sweetheart.. What a treat it is to take a tour of your farm and animals... Thank you so much.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG...now I am speechless here! Oh ! What a lucky young lady Becca is! LOOK AT HIS FACE! Tita, thank you for sharing this sweet creature with us! How is he? How is Hershey these days? I am so glad that you stopped by to see the book and that you like it!!! I am still working on it.

Gotta go, the kid are coming back! Nita

julie campbell said...

Beautiful photos Patricia, all your animals are gorgeous and Cheddar is so sweet but I have a real soft spot for sheep.
I just love them and Charles is a beauty !
julie xxx

Debbie said...

Patricia your Daughter Becca is a girl after my own heart. We have Miniature Shetland Ponies and mu husband does say that they get more kisses then he does.. xx

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dear NIta~yes, Becca is a blessed girlin deed. She waited 4 years for Cheddar... since she was 5 she used to say to us..."Maybe is better if I wait another year...what if I am not responsable enough to care for him?"
She is supper responsable. She gets ups very early and before she goes to teh school house she has done all her jobs including feeding and cleaning Cheddar foot.*grin*

Dear Julie~ * me too* My sheep serves me so well in many ways ....I not only LOVE them , I love everything about them even the SMELL!
I love the way they greet me everyday and how I can use the wool in so many ways....It is wonderful!*grin*

Dear Debbie~ you made me smile! This is also truein Becca's case!*smiles*

The Visionary Butterfly said...

It's a beautiful world you have tere. The pictures gives a happy feeling. Thank you for the welcome on your blog!

miniacollection said...

It was a very good idea to show us the horse and the sheep. I am looking forward to seeing Cheddar in miniature.
The photos are beautiful, so peaceful. Cheddar is a very lovely horse, a great friend for your daughter. It's amazing all the space you've got.

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dear VB~ Yes you are most (((welcome)))!*grin*
Iappreciate your kind notes and I agree there is no place like my farm... it is beautiful here!

Dearest Genevieve~ I am looking forward to post (((my )) little Cheddar,grin.
Our farm is very spacious indeed.If you love farm life, here is paradise!Smiles!