Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cheddar WIP day 1,2 &3

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Hello dear visitors!*grin*

If you visited by last post or if you are just stopping by now, I am doing a work in progress of my first miniature Horse. When ever I can , I like to use my own animals as inspiration. One of the advantage of that is that I can get lost of pictures from different angles , in which I find very important and helpful for both sculptures in clay and wool.

I also spend sometime looking at the animal... I like to get the *sense* of them specially the eyes. I believe *there* lays the life of miniature animals as well for dolls.

If I try to sculpt the entire animals in one day , most likely it will NOT be my best. There is something about leaving it alone and coming back to it.... I find refresh ...just like when I do my oil paintings.... grin.

I am taking my time with little cheddar and hopefully it will pay off.

Below is DAY 1:

I first sculpted his face... I always do that. having the pictures enlarged and in a small size helps a lot .

The first time I sculpt an animal is always more difficult because once I add the wool he will change for better or worse. There is a * giving/taken* that is more mental than visual....

Cheddar is a little taller than my sheep .... I am glad I had a sheep to do a comparison. When making a miniature animals everything is important or it will NOT be right at the end. I must be careful with the size, sculpt likeness and wool application. *grin*

Day 3:
It took me 2 days of work on the first step. After I sculpted cheddar and fully fired him, I sanded him with a power tool.I would normally had painted his body but because he is fully hair and I will not let any bald spot to be showing, I only painted his face and feet.

For you to have an idea , each leg took me about 30 minutes to add fur. The direction of the wool, plus the right amount of glue and its application is something I need to be so careful. If I trim the wool to soon, the wool will flat and it is not good.... if I wait too long , the wool will stiff and I can not settle the wool how I need.... decisions...decision.... *grin*
He looks funny here because the wool is only partial cut.. much more ahead to come....

I am very happy in how his face is coming along. If i am not happy with the face , why bother with the rest? Can you see his mid forehead? the wool has the twist just like the real cheddar.... ohhh , I like that.
More to come soon....


Christel Hutson said...

Dear Patricia, Chedar will be beautiful, just like the real Cheddar, and like all of your miniatures! Cant wait to see more. Wishing you a wonderful day today, and always, love Christel

miniacollection said...

It is very interesting and fascinating to see how you work and make an animal. Especially when we know the real animal.
You are very gifted and patient.
I can't wait to see the next steps and th finished horse.

Glenda said...

Thanks so much for sharing your work progress - it's fascinating!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear, my comment got eaten up!! Let me try favorite part of Cheddar is the little "twist" of which you speak. It is so realistic, Tita, and this is why your work is so enchanting...THE DETAILS! YOU ARE A TRUE ARTIST!!


julie campbell said...

oh you have his face just right patricia ! I love the way the wool twists on his forehead. its fascinating to see how you make yoir animals :0)
julie xxx

Bonnie said...

Hi Patricia, I love that you take us step by step in the process. I really believe that the creative process should not be rushed. There is a lot to say about returning to a project refreshed. I adore all your little animals.


The Visionary Butterfly said...

Amazing Patricia the level of detail, you make it look easy.