Friday, September 26, 2014

Mini child, chihuahua and others :)

Hello visitors and dear friends,*grin*

I have been busy.... can you tell? :)

Please meet Lila, she is my newest little girl. She barely measures 3" tall.
Lila, is a special little girl to me because she is going to be part in a collaboration  with a dear and incredible artist. She will be listed on Ebay, but not on mine. I will post here about the artist and the link for the auction when its come up!

She is a bit shy, almost moody but very lovely and tiny in person!!*grin*
She is very pose-able  ate her limbs and her head swivels.

It was raining at first.... She couldn't go out to play...

When the rain stopped Lila when outside...

she saw a little chihuahua ...
( its listed on my ebay now! :)

But you know how children gets tired fast when playing alone....

 She came in and decided to do a tea party with her "friends"! :)

I will have to do a solo post about my gorgeous  mini-dolly-kitchen. These and much more are overly due  for a post. They were made  last year by Ilona from

There are so many details about these pieces... I am so blessed to have it!!! Ilona, you are the best!!!*smiles*

And here is the chihuahua.... he/she is listed on my ebay....:)

This duckling is so tiny.... 
Dont you just love all tiny things?*grin*

((( smiles))))


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Pat,
Lila is simply adorable! I think she is one of my all time favorites... I love her little cheeks!
blessings dear friend,

The Old Maid said...

The girl is so sweet and chihuahua is cute! Great works as usual. :0

Elizabeth S said...

Awwww, little Lila, is Adorable and she looks like she needs another child to play in that most amazing little play kitchen. She needs a real friend to play and share with. She may be a bit shy and moody now, but I think that she will not have very much longer to have to wait for a playmate.:D


Ilona said...

Hi Tita! Your little Lila looks gorgeous and sweet, look how she's showing to us her lovely dress :D!! I'm glad that she likes to play with her friends in the mini doll kitchen ;)! But I think your little boy is a bit anxious of the chihuahua ;). This doggy is again another piece of your miniature masterworks. However, this time the tiny duckling is my absolute favorite animal: it is adorable and so cute to see!
I wish you good luck for the auction, dear friend :D!
Have a nice weekend. Lovingly, Ilona

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I am well, dear friend.. How sweet of you to come by and leave such kind thoughts.
Enjoy your weekend.

Tatiana said...

ОООО! Фантастика! Я получила море удовольствия, посмотрев ваш пост! Великолепная работа!

Drora's minimundo said...

She's shy and adorable! I love the tiny chihuahua and other animals. Your work is a beautiful sight for my eyes.
Hugs, Drora

PILAR6373 said...

Lila es una niña muy guapa y dulce,estoy segura que será muy feliz en su hogar en compañía de ese maravilloso y diminuto chihuahua que será su amigo fiel!!

miniacollection said...

the little girl is really sweet, I love the photo of her behind the window.
Your grandma is fine and will be in 2 stories.

Fabiola said...

Lila is so cute and swet.

Hannah said...

Adorable =) Love the shy little girl! And the tiny duckling is so cute, great detail even do it's so tiny =)
The kitchen looks great, looking forward on seeing it in another post later =) Hannah

Giac said...

Hello Patricia,
What a wonderful little girl! She is just beautifully made. what a great much wonderful mini artwork. I am just in love with the duck!
Big hug,