Monday, March 25, 2013

Tom Bishop Chicago ( teaser)

 photo 8d1bca61-b581-4848-8bf5-8c0fbabd3eb9_zpsa0d5da3b.jpg

Yep, I can not resist!grin
Although  I am "not" ready to do a preview for the show yet, I did take some pictures today and decided to do a teaser post, grin!

As you probably can guess, I am super excited  to show you  my new animals . I tried my best to create a good balance of domestic, wild and farm animals to offer to my clients and some of them , were the fist time I made.

The Horse above is a "leather Horse" of course and  it comes with a very detailed leather saddle and hardness.

 My lovely retriever , a coon with my chickens.... ahhh..... I cant wait!grin

 photo 5ebc4299-9bca-44cd-9a08-5d9331449373_zpse9c503b7.jpg

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Ilona said...

Oh dear, that coon is looking at your chickens, but the baby chicks are sheltering behind their Mommy ;)!
Lovingly, Ilona