Saturday, March 23, 2013

German Shepherd dog on ebay...

 Hello readers and friends!grin

I trust you are having a blessed weekend and enjoying the beginning of spring!*grin*
As always, this time of the year is super busy for us here at the farm with much of planting, weeding  but nevertheless  a time I appreciate so much. God is gracious and the renew of all things brings joy to my soul!

I am also very , I mean  VERY busy preparing for Tom Bishop in Chicago.Wow , It is less than a month!This will be my first time at this  show and I am truly  looking forward too.

I have been asked to do  a "preview" before I leave  so I can  give  ( you) a chance to place a reserve , if any mini fancies you. I plan to do that week before the show. Come visit me, and take a peek! I have made some interesting new animals that I haven't done before and cant wait to show you!grin

For those that like to buy from me at a fixed price, I will be listing on my etsy store, when I get back from the show and for those that rather have a chance in a auction format and perhaps win a bid at lower price, I will be listing at ebay , but not as often as I used to, because I am too busy with commission now.

Okay.... I squeezed  my time and made this sweet German Shepherd and listed on my ebay. If you are interested in buying him/her, please click on my link  on the side ...... listing is for 3 days only!

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Ilona said...

This dog seems friendly and he wants to play....? But the kids look a bit frightened?
You've made this dog fantastic like all your animals, Tita, I know it, because of my darling cow.
I really have to make a cowshed for her, I realise now.
Lovingly, Ilona