Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leather lion & Unicorn Pegasus

   Hello there,*grin*

Firstly , I want to thank  each one of you that visited me on my last post and a special ((( thanks))) for all your comments...ahhh... they made my heart smile!! Thank you ever so much! I love my owl too and I am afraid she will be flying way soon too, grin , so before she does, I snapped few extra pictures this morning!

I am in a new "phase" of my work. I want to grow, create and innovate! Perfecting my art is a wonderful challenge and even more is to create new technique. To do that there is a LOT time involved because many , I mean, many times things does NOT turns up well  and others it is like a dream.*grin*

Last year I created a new way to do my birds. At the shows it was a confirmation that my birds were a success when the very first items I sold were them!grin

I want to create a different way to make some of my other animals. As much as i love work with wool, some times I am not very happy with the end results. The painter on me likes the colors to blend when lines meet, because in the reality , no animal has sharp lines , even a tiger  if one looks closely will see a soft blending.
Anyways... soft pastels or airbrushing  helps a lot  in those areas... many artists uses one of those and I do too.

Again, I wanted a change.... then I remember that in 2009, I made a horse for my bjds and I tried first  working with leather.

So this summer I have been preparing my leather in which is a pain in a neck but so well worth it.

This  lion was made from leather and wool for its mane. I am *very* pleased with the results. I study the lions for while and noticed the change of patterns in its skin and the leather allowed me to imitate  in miniature very well.
You can read up more about the lion if you like on his listing. I  will list him on my ebay soon. I was tempted to save him for my next show , but since he is my first one I want to give my ebay collectors a chance to purchase it first.

Also you can take a peek of some bigger project, a "Pegasus Unicorn". She is  not complete yet. I am working on her wings now in which will be pose able and removable for safe handling. 
She will be available at  the upcoming Philadelphia Miniatura show.grin

*** pictures are enlarged , just click and you can view them***


Ilona said...

Amazing realistic lion, Tita, I hope I'll never meet him in real life :D!! I love the "Pegasus Unicorn", the position is just gorgeous.
Warm greetings from a very warm Holland, Ilona

Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

je ne sais que dire tellement il est magnifique ce lion !
je n'ai pas bien compris ce que tu voulais dire sur le cuir mais la crinière est fabuleuse.

Belka said...

Leo is great! He's just a living!

Basketcase Miniatures said...

Sooo talented! Just stunning!

Eliana said...

Lindos, Patricia!
Grande abraço

Josje said...

Your lion is gorgeous! I'm very intrigued to read you have used leather to make it. You mean for his fur/ skin ?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

What can I say, Tita.....your lion has the face of a true cat, and that OWL IS BRAVE to be sitting on the KING'S RUMP! teehee...

THE LEGS of this fine pegasus are perfectly executed and must be very fragile! JUST BEAUTIFUL MY SWEET! Nita

Ascension said...

Que gran talento tienes.
Tus trabajos son siempre fantasticos y reales!!!
besitos ascension

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

Stunning work!

Begoña Calo said...

Has conseguido un realismo espectacular, incluso la mirada, te felicito sinceramente, tus trabajos son siempre perfectos, es un placer visitarte.

Maria Ireland said...

Your lion is stunning he looks so real and so kingly. The Pegasus Unicorn is amazing I love both mythical beasts :) I cant want wait to see her wings. Wonderful work.
Hugs Maria

Rosethé said...

le lion est vraiment superbe, mais la licorne est fantastique !

MALINIK said...

Pat, it's so realistic, that I think every moment will jump out from my screen :)