Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dollface Cat

Hello there!!!!*grin*
Are you feeling the heat yet? Wow it got hot here in Carolinas... my garden is in full speed already!!*grin*
Are any of you having trouble using your templates on eBay? I listed this cat there and it too me hours to do so because ebay kept asking me to shorten my description when I used my template .
The template is the same for the past 2 years so I am not sure what happened.
I will have to call them but if any of you are also having this type of trouble, please let me know?
Thank you kindly,


Maria Ireland said...

Your cat is so cute.
Hugs Maria

Lene said...

The cat is very nice. How is it made? Needlefelt?

Eliana said...

Ai que fofo, Patricia! Lindo, lindo.

Christel said...

hi Pat, love this pretty cat! She looks very elegant. I think ebay is making lots of changes right now. I noticed that to continue getting a 20% discount for top sellers, you must offer money back, and a 14 day return policy..and, the listings cost 1.00 more each for listing fees..not much of a discount if you ask me..ebay already gets so much! I have no idea why your template isn't working properly, but I hope someone can help you with it. XOXOX Christel

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

What an adorable kitten Pat!
I cannot imagine what is going on with your template.. I also have a template and have not had any problems.. I hope you are able to get an answer from ebay.
Wishing you a wonderful week.
Love and blessings, Penny

MALINIK said...

Dear Pat,
your cat is so adorable :)
I don't have problems with my template ( last time use it 2 days ago)
Ina :)

Ilona said...

Oh Tita, this wonderful and lovely cat looks like "Marie" from the Aristocats!! She also looks like a doll ;)
Hugs, Ilona

Fabiola said...

The cat is adorable. I like the expression of the face.
Bye Faby

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Tita,

How beautiful my dear, a white cat. She is simply BEAUTIFUL with that pink background!

How are you my precious one? Is Paris on your mind?

I cannot wait for summer to begin and we have already have experienced some HEAT here, being 7 weeks early for spring here in Minnesota!

I SEND YOU MY SINCEREST THANKS for the sweet little brooch my dear. I shall wear it close to my heart.


Ascension said...

Que seƱorita mas refinada, seguro que sera de la aristocracia jeje, es preciosa.
besitos ascension

Eleonora said...

Che posa elegante e aristocratica....proprio tipica di un gatto! Complimenti, come sempre un capolavoro!

Jollie said...

Beautiful! I love your work :-)

Hugs Jollie