Sunday, April 29, 2012

More previews for Paris Miniature Show


I want to send a warm welcome to my newest followers!!**grin**
 I would normally visit each one of you and make sure I get to know what you do, but because I am in a tight schedule, I haven't had the time yet although I ((am )) anxious to visit  you with time.*grin*

I know I get a lot international visitors, so I decided to do a weekly post perhaps, (unless I squeeze some mini for eBay), with the preview for the show.
I want to tell you I won't have many dolls  as I am focusing mostly on animals however the children I will have are some of cutest yet.... see this darlin'  AND they are very pose-able too.
There will be 2 or 3 adults too but mostly will be children and couple  teens. As much as I love to make the little girls, I am working on little boys too.;)
okay... I will leave you now with few pictures... hope you like what I made..grin.... remember these are  1:12 scale... standing  cat is under 1 1/4"tall, next cat is 1/2" tall,dog is about 2 3/4' tall and little girl is 3 1/4".


Rosamargarita said...

Todos son fabulosos, la nena, los animales, pero ese GATO!!!ÖÖÖ, Lo amo de verdad.
Suerte en la exposición.
Un abrazo

Eliana said...

Eu amo as sua criações, você já sabe né? Estas são lindas. Que amor a roupinha da garota!

Rosethé said...

j'aime beaucoup les expressions, ainsi que les postures que vous donnez aux animaux mais aussi à vos personnages !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my friend,

I so know and understand the rush with so many commitments ahead of you! I WISH YOU ALL THE LOVE AND JOY of your newest adventures!!! Nita

Giac said...

Your work is so detailed, well executed and have such character. Lovely!
Good luck getting ready for the show,

Fabiola said...

Good luck for the show.
Bye Faby

miniacollection said...

I can't wait to see them all for real...

Maria Ireland said...

Wishing you all the very best of luck at the show. Your animals are gorgeous. I love this little girl she looks like she is putting her cheek up to be kissed she is amazing.
Hugs Maria

Christel said...

Hi Pat! I miss you my friend. I too have been so busy, so I completely understand how things get in the way of simple chit chat! I wish you ALL the best at the show, your pieces will surely WOW everyone who sees them. Love you Christel

Minnie Kitchen said...

Your work is fantastic! I could look at it all day!

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Your work es fantastic!
Good luck for the show...!! Hugs

MALINIK said...

Hi Pat,
fantastic minis! I wish you great time in Paris!
Ina :)

Ascension said...

Son todos alucinantes, pero ese gatito lamiendose la mano, me ha robado el corazon.
besitos ascension