Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Preview of my dolls for next year Show & ( Fox ,Dog)

2012 Miniature Dollhouse Children Collection

Hello there!!!*grin*

I know how fun it is to visit blogs and find new pictures on , so here they are .... a preview of some of the children that i will be bringing to my first dollhouse show next year. ( I will tell you more about it later.... i am (((very))) excited about it as it is my first time in the miniature world)!*grin*

I plan to take close ups later but here is a look of my older girls. The taller girl is equivalent a 11 years old. She is dressed in turtle neck, she will be wearing a necklace too, skinny jeans and my (FAVORITE) Hanna Andersson clogs!!! Oh my , I love them!!! My children used to wear them when they were this age and younger!!!

The other girl is 9 years old and is more girly like. the nice thing about both of these girls is that they don't only have the arms pose able but the LEGS are too.grin

Two of my seven children detest peas!! i think is funny because when they were babies i use to sit them on highchairs and give them frozen peas while I was making bread or fixing dinner. the frozen peas work so well while they were teething and I figure- great!they are also eating green veggie.Well.... didn't last too long and my little girl here is saying the same.... no peas please!!! I want her cookies!!!!grin

A close up but disregard my highchair.... it is part of my prototype and I have been lazy about finishing it up.

The little plates are my fav too. I have a little farm theme room that is under construction and I want to make a quilt . well, I grab my pencil and decided to draw and paint some farm animals.

When i draw , I normally do from reality and it is not childish but I worked hard,grin, and came up with these ones. ohh , I think they turned up so cute... don't you think?

I showed my picture to my husband and he said...." where is my blanket?" I laugh and said that is perfect!

* For those that does not know... pigs in a blanket is type of food.

Right now these are paper plates... I have been thinking to make in porcelain...

Oh yes.... here is the other two!

I have couple animals ready for the show too but I want to make something for my etsy store .... so here is my little fox....

.... and a german shepherd!

Thank you for stoping by!!!!*grin*


Eliana said...

Oi Patricia, amei a turminha e os pets. ;)
Os pratos são muito 'fofos'!
Não deixe de contar tudo sobre seu primeiro 'dollhouse show'.

Garden of Miniatures said...

Wonderful work and I know ,you will be a success! Like always every child is made ,that I think she is alive and the shepherd is amazing! Hugs,Jeannette x

miniacollection said...

Wonderful! And it's so nice to see them all together.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Tita!

You have been working hard and it shows. Every child and chicken, dog and plate of PEAS (ick!) look as real and enchanting as ever my sweet. IT IS ALWAYS A DELIGHT TO SEE WHAT YOU HAVE COME UP WITH! The magic never ever ends chez toi mon amie.....BISOUS, Nita

CWPoppets said...

I looove you little paper plates ...not to mention your animals! You must work 26 hours a day.
If you make these little plates in porcelain I definitely want one! :-)

Maria Ireland said...

Beautiful girls. I love the plate of peas. You will do fantastic at the show. Wonderful work.
Hugs Maria

Ascension said...

Hola Patricia
Vas a hacer una casita de muñecas con esos fantasticos personajes?
Me encantan......sobre todo cuando prefieren las galletas a los guisantes jejejeje
besitos ascension

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TITA! HERE I AM !!!!!!!

Thank you for visiting the other day to ask how I am. Well, I am still sick. I had parent/teacher conferences on Thursday that went into the late evening. I woke up late yesterday, Friday, and was unable to respond to my blog comments or even email. I am here, just thanking GOD for dear friends like you. I am well, but so over-stressed. I have to take this weekend to refocus on my joys, my personal goals and EXERCISE to relieve the stress!!!