Sunday, November 13, 2011

Poseable Baby

This baby girl is my newest mini . She is on my etsy store. I made her with arms and legs that are pose able making her a lot of fun to use. I love her chubbiness !!!grin
I made her a little dress that is removable and very sweet!


miniacollection said...

A very cute baby girl! Her dress is gorgeous.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Oh precious, it is always so good to see your comments and to have you visit; I was very busy yesterday and missed this post, but here I am, ready to get back to school after being SO SICK with laryngitis and a bad cough. OH!! You saw my newest illustration. Well, I did very very well the first two weeks of my shop opening but I have not sold anything else in EIGHT DAYS. I am worried! I don't know what suddenly happened. But I have a lot to learn about being a seller. I had barely posted that photo of my holiday card last night, and not on Friday when I posted my latest blog post. I need to ADVERTISE MORE!

Your creations of children will always be of high quality and superior artistry my sweet one!!!!! LOVE YOU TITA and so miss our emails....BISOUS, Nita

Peggy said...

Just stunning,'re so talented!
Huge mini hug,

Ascension said...

Pero que bebe mas preciosa, me encantan esos "rollitos" que se le van en las piernas, se ve tan "achuchable"....jejejeje
besitos ascension

Maria Ireland said...

She is beautiful.
Hugs Maria

Eliana said...

Ai... que amor, Patricia! Ela é muito fofa!