Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Animals in progress

Yes, these are *not* done , but I am almost there. These wolves are my best ones to date .
I think it proves to me that when making animals , more I make better I get. I don't want to sound wrong , but just encourage (((you))) out there , that can't wait to make an excellent animal and get frustrated with your final results.... keep doing and you WILL get better!!*grin*
The cheetah is my first one. I love her.... as you can see .... she needs more spots.
Making animals can be very exhausting, so my best advise for those newbies is to take your time, take breaks by letting your work sit while you work on something else and them when it *calls* you, ( believe me, if you let , it will, grin) you will be excited and ready for it.

One last thing.... having pictures of the REAL animals in different poses is very important and helpful.


Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

My goodness! They look so real!!!!!! So wonderful! Glad that we are able to see your magnificent creations. Hugs, Morena

Ascension said...

No me lo puedo creer, he tenido que mirar varias veces las fotografias para darme cuenta de que los has hecho tu y no son una foto.
Maravillosamente autenticos.
besitos ascension

Christel Hutson said...

Oh Pat, these are so realistic, just fantastic! I don't know how you do it!!be very proud of these my friend, I am proud to say I know you, and you are my friend! much love, Christel

Garden of Miniatures said...

Brilliant work!!! Jeannette

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Tita,

YES...those wolves AND the cheetah are most definitely PERFECTLY DONE! Oh, practice does make perfect, and knowing YOU to the extent and pleasure that I do, I understand how much time and perfection you take in order for them to be just right!!! The eyes are just perfectly spaced and when you sit them next to a photo, it is really BRILLIANT and a great way to compare the minis to the real is breathtaking!

THANK YOU for your wonderful encouragement on my shop! I AM SO BUSY!!!!!! I didn't get any orders yesterday, and maybe that is good; I just cannot keep up with much more during the school week.

How are you, my precious friend?


Eliana said...

Oi Patricia, o guepardo está lindo mas os lobos são magníficos. Confesso que tornei-me fã do teu blog assim vi a foto do 'lobo uivando' em tua mão e agora esses novos estão demais!
Um abraço

Josje said...

I love to see work in progress, although these look finished to me ;)
No, even I can see the cheetah needs more spots. Both the cheetah and the wolves look fabulous! I LOVE the sitting wolf.
Did you ever see these photos of three cheetahs and a young antilope?

Maria Ireland said...

Wow these are amazing. I love wolves. They look so alive. Fantastic work.
Hugs Maria

maddyrose said...

Each of your little animal creations is a work of art. They're the most beautiful peices I've ever seen and when I think of how small they are I'm even more astounded by your talent.

Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

Les loups sont magnifiques , j'adore leur pelage .

MALINIK said...

All of your creations are amazing - so lifelike..!Work of art!
Ina :)