Saturday, October 22, 2011

Marley & Scrooge- A Christmas Carol

Hello you!!*grin*

Wow... that is what I said when I was asked to make Marley and Scrooge from the Classic A Christmas Carol.
I don't remember to have done character as you know , I make mostly just modern people. I truly enjoyed making this as it was fun and creative to my mind.
Again, my focus was in 'telling the story' with expression and feelings. Both character have a story to tell as i trust you are familiar with this classical.
My buyer has not seen it yet... I will be sending her the link now... i hope she will like it!
*you may click the pictures to enlarge .


......was hand sculpted form a blend of polymer clay including glow in the dark.=)
measures 5 3/4" tall.
dressed in pure silk and cotton.
wrapped in chain.
features were hand painted with oil paints and heated to set.
silk fiber hair.
arms and legs are poseable.
hidden hook and invisible string is included so you can hang him if desire.


....made similar to Marley.
wool hair.
fine vintage linen nightgown and cap.
fine silk robe
handmade candle plate and handmade beeswax candle, from our beehives!!grin.
leather sleepers

Thanks Lenora!!! can't wait to see your shadow box with them!!!grin


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH MY GOODNESS...I am shocked. I am enthralled. I am totally blown away by your realistic depiction of these characters that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and Tita, I think that this is where you SHINE THE MOST. Your animals are phenomenal. Your children and your illustrations as whimsical and fun, but I think that your marionettes are you absolutely best work ever. DEAREST, I have been loading my Etsy shop today so I have been so busy, but I see that you visited me and I am soooooooooo happy to see you! MERCI and I will send you my link as soon as I am ready. I will probably have made some mistakes, but just let me know. I am so new at this! GOTTA GO FINISH, LOVE YOU! Nita

Eliana said...

Sr. Scrooge e Marley estão perfeitamente representados nestas criações. Parabéns Patricia, estou impressionada com riquesa dos detalhes.

p.s. Você perguntou sobre lojas de miniaturas em São Paulo: existe uma loja aqui no Shopping Eldorado chamada 'Casinha Pequenina', que acredito ser a única no Brasil! Existem mais uma meia dúzia de lojas online e é tudo. Triste né?!

Lenora said...

Marley and Scrooge are beyond my wildest expectations!! Patricia has managed to capture the total essence of the characters! I am so thrilled to be the proud owner of them! My heart is happy!!!!!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Pat
Well... Anita took the words right out of my mouth.. Nothing left to say except amazing work!
Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a kind note. That vase was painted years ago.. I just could not give it up...
Blessings my dear friend

Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

ils ont géniales !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Go to my gallery on my sidebar, JUST THINKING OF YOU and there you will find my link!!!!!!Nita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TITA!!!!!!!!!! YES! I got a message from another blogger/etsy seller and she showed me how to change the tags! When I was trying to do it yesterday, I was trying to write them all in at the same time, like when you blog! But now I found how to do it and I changed it! FUNNNNNNNN!!! AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!! Nita

Dee said...

Wow! These are incredible! I so love your children too! I just found your blog via AIM, (although I think I've seen it before via other bloggers). I've been making miniature animals for a while and am looking at trying to be more 'serious' so I checked out AIM. I don't think I'm at that level yet, lol, but your earlier post talking about your first animals was very inspiring, so thank you for posting that. Anyway, very nice to meet you!

Ascension said... habia perdido esta maravilla.
Que fantastica idea, de un gran realismo, me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
besitos ascension