Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Updates! Teenager boy and Foals

Phew! I am done!*grin*
I finished the two foals and my teenager boy. His name is John and all three minis are available for bidding at ebay. If you are interested in buying them or seen many other additional pictures , please click on * my auctions* tab.
Thank you for visiting me! *grin*


miniaturist59 said...

Look at that sweet foal!!!!! LOVE it, Pat!!!

Debbie said...

Your Teenager looks great. I totally love the foals, we have a few Foals due next month. x

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Hi Patricia,

I love your teenage boy...especially the way you've posed him and outfitted him! I've started sculpting people, I've made two so far, I think of you! It's hard to make the clay behave at times!! But you are very inspirational with your creations. Sculpting is fun especially to see the clay come alive.


Briarwood Miniatures said...

The boy is great and love the foals. Such lovely work!


Lize said...

Your work is absolutely amazing!

Catherine said...

Wonderful work!!!!!!!!!!

miniacollection said...

Your teenager boy is just perfect. The way he sits is so typical of teenagers. The clothes are great.

Lisette said...

Hi Patricia,

The foals are super!

Look my blog!!

Josje said...

The teenager is great! Love his outfit too.
The foals are so sweet. I always thought their spots didn't appear until they were older, a bit like Dalmations ;)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh...you did it. He looks wonderful and he even has potato chips....wow....did you make the chips, too? And the foal...what can I say, but that I love your horses and am so happy that I have my white, blue-eyed foal. I will cherish him forever!


Patricia Cabrera said...

Hey Kiva~ Thank you girl! It is always a *treat* to hear from you!

Good morning Chandina~
Thank you for your kind words. You made me smile to think I could inspire you!

Dear Cia~ ((( Thank you)))!!!*grin*

Lize~ You make me blush!*grin*

Thank you ((( Catherine)))!

Thank you again Genevieve~ I think I told you before but I will tell you again~ I LOVE your name!*grin*

Lissete~ I am over the moon with this! I am so excited , I have visited you already! Hurray!

Hello Josje~
yes they do, take a look on my post before this one as I added a background picture of the real foals. Thank you !!!!!!!!!*smiles*

Nita, my dear, no I did not make the chips.... I bought at ebay from a wonderful seller that MAKES them.... looks real , does it?

Debbie~ How exciting to see a birth of an animals specially , horses. Wonderful!