Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Appaloosa foals WIP

Last year I sculpted these foals but somehow got lost with inspiration. Two weeks ago, I went to the country store in town where they sell my homemade goats milk soaps and the owner was so happy when she told me about her colt that was just born.I was all smiling listening to her and my inspiration came back . I then decided to finish these little darlings.
They are both appaloosa foals and their makings are very different.
Here you can see some of my progress. They have been painted only.

I have finished all the flocking ( not showing ) and they are coming along nicely.I will upload the finished pictures soon!*grin*


Lisette said...

Beautiful foals.

Brian Blacknick said...

Very nice work! I like how you sculpted the muscle definition in the foal lifting its leg.