Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A special gift from far away....

*Hello there*~*grin*

I have been more busy than normal... I was going to post my newly work available now but I decided to to this post instead!

About a month ago, I visited Lisette 's blog. She was doing a *give away* and although I never thought I would win, I entered for the fun.

Little did I know that I was going to receive such special gifts .....

You needed to see my face after a long walk through the country to where my little handmade barn shape mail box stands; When I saw this large parcel waiting for me. When I read the label and saw Lisette 's names I was surprised with the size of the package.

First I opened the card and it said....

When I opened my fist package I found with delight a little suitcase ... so well made ... it looked real.

When I opened I was surprised to find all kinds of paints , brushes and spatula... just like my own ...

Then the next box.... it was wrapped but I was anxious to open as my children were telling me to "open momma*!!!*grin*

Three little packages were lovingly wrapped inside waiting for me...

Can you imagine my face when I unwrap a easel , a little ladder , some pictures and ... guees what ..... a blank canvas waiting for me???*grin*

Lisette lives in Netherlands .... I used to *dream* with tulips .....garden is a true passion for me and I take great joy in weeding my flower beds every morning.... I could not believe when I saw 2 package of lovely bulbs that I am now anxious to go plant!!*smiles*

((( Lisette))), Thank you ever so much for such a lovely surprise. The most amazing thing is that you gave me something that means so much to me. In my wishing list , grin, is to make a atelier with few of replicas of my own paintings . These will will be kept safely and treasure forever!!!
Please take a moment and visit Lisette's blog?*smiles*


Norma said...

Such a wonderful gift, I'm sure as you way it will be a real treasure :)

Brian Blacknick said...

That artist's box of paints is amazing! What a cool gift.

miniacollection said...

What you got from Lisette is absolutely gorgeous.

Lisette said...

Hi Patricia,
the photo is my grandmother and had two paintings. My grandmother was 15 years old and began painting and drawing.
The paint box is clean. You may dirty with paint on the palette and paint box.

Hugs Lisette

Roelie said...

What a great gift.
I know how much work it will be what Lisette made for you .
I have made an online workshop, in Holland, with many materials for an Atelier.
Lisette is so clever with the design and implementation of everything. Compliments for her!

Greetings, Roelie

Carol said...

These are such beautiful and thoughtful gifts! Lisette is a very talented miniaturist.

cockerina said...

Patricia You're a very lucky woman! Lisette's gift is wonderful! I love the box with the colors of the painter!
... and also I love your creations! they are a wonder for the eyes!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TITA! WHAT A GREAT PRIZE!!! THis is so perfect and wonderful! You must have been so happy to receive this. I have heard of Lisette, I have seen her name around. Congratulations dear one for winning!!!!


PAKY said...

Is a wonderful gift, congratulations Patricia and enjoy it! hugs

Bonnie said...

What a lovely gift, I am so happy for you! I think the little box of paints is outstanding.

Have a great week, Patricia!


synnøve said...

O' it is lovely to receive such wonderful and thoughtful gifts!
It is so wonderful and exiting with these give-away's !!!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend:D
Synnøve :)

Patricia Cabrera said...

Oh everyone thank you so much for leaving note. I hope you all have visited Lisette too! her blog is wonderful and she is a clever girl!