Friday, April 23, 2010

Roombox is finally finished!

After seven long months of work, I finally finished my first roombox. This room was entirely handmade and the only store bought items were the fire place ( ourtter frame/mantel) , the piece over the mantel and the ceiling trim. Everything else was carefully designed to have an unique look , making this room totally one of a kind! *grin*
I also should add that for the chandelier, I purchase a very plain piece and it was originally brass color.... I added the crystals after I leaf gold the entire piece.

The windows are missing my pictures that I will be printing soon. I found an artist in UK that does fantastic curtains and I order a set. I have lots to do here as far as adding furniture and my touch ups. I am looking forward to this stage.... it is my favorite!

I am looking for a nursery roombox, if any of you makes it ,please contact me. It will be a while before I start a long project such is this!*grin*


Margaret said...

Patricia you have done a fantastic job on your roombox. The detailing on the walls and ceiling is fabulous, it is a very grand room and I will enjoy seeing how you furnish it. I agree, that would be the most fun part.

Ascension said...

Esta bellisimo!!!!!
Que bien has elegido, las luces, las ventanas, la chimenea, los adornos.......todo
Enhorabuena por el trabajo!!
besitos ascension

Lisette said...

click "kinderdagverblijf"

Hi Patricia,
Did you receive my package. Maybe it takes a little longer by ash cloud in Iceland.
Greetings Lisette

Christel Hutson said...

wow, absolutely gorgeous Pat!! such attention to detail, a magnificent accomplishment, I hope you are very proud of your beautiful room box. It looks as though it is fit for a queen! xoxo Christel

Lisette said...

click "kinderdagverblijf"

Hi Patricia,
Did you receive my package. Maybe it takes a little longer by ash cloud in Iceland.
Greetings Lisette

Roelie said...

You have made a very beautiful roombox. You can be proud of the result.

Greetings, Roelie

Kim said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful job!!!

synnøve said...

Exquisite work!!!!!
Synnøve :)

Eva said...

Congratulations, your roombox so far looks so pretty. Imagine when you add the furniture!!! Grin

Brian Blacknick said...

That is flat out exquisite! I love the attention to detail you bring to all your work like the soot marks over the fireplace. Nice touch!

I am curious does a room box have a glass front to protect it like certain diorama cases?

Patricia Cabrera said...

Hi everyone!!!!
Thank (((( YOU))))for all your saying and praisings about my work!!! I am flatter!!!!*grin*

Lisette~ I am anxious to receive your parcel but I have not yet! You will be the first in hearing from you...that is for sure!!!!!*smiles*

Brian, if you look on my past post you will find 2 or 3 WIP and I show how I made the fire place. I wanted an angle inside therefore I made a mold and cast out of fiberglass. I wanted the room to have the *real* feeling of a real room.the soot wasone of them.
Yes I have a frame that has a glass protecting the room, next time I get pictures and post on this I will include the front too.*grin*

miniacollection said...

Your room box is just perfect. Congratulations ! It is stunning.

Lisette said...

What is a ceiling so beautiful.

Jody said...

Oooo what a beautyfull room
I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...


julie campbell said...

This is so lovely Patricia ! beautiful details and a very grand room indeed,I look forward to seeing how you furnish it :0)
julie xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am so very late because of my birthday celebration, but Tita, again, you have rendered me speechless! AND THAT IS USUALLY NOT THE CASE! What beauty, ingenuity and genius you have applied in this wonderful room. Isn't creativity the most essential element in happiness? God gave it to us to dream, continue and have faith in a bigger and brighter future, and the practice of creating, I believe, brings us closer to Him! A JOB WELL DONE MY SWEET!!!!!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH TITA!!! I am soooooo happy to see all of these visitors for you! You have always deserved the attention and look at this marvelous room box. I was thinking of you all day, but Ruben had wanted to take me out and we had much fun. I just wanted to come home however, to draw or make something! I was a rainy day here and it was perfect to cozy up and get creative. I had wanted to email you today but he kept say, "Let's go!" Listen, would I have your permission to post on my mini blog your achievement with the magazine? Let me know, I would sure love to brag about you. OH, and may I put your achievement on my sidebar on Castles?

MUCH LOVE TO YOU, my wonderful artiste!!! Nita

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Pat
Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet note..
Enjoy your weekend.. again, this room is magnificent!
Take care,

KC-Design said...

Gosh...absolut perfect!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma belle!

Thank you for coming by for some magic...did you see the white horse? My Blanche Neige sits proudly in my bedroom....Nita

Terri said...

I am delighted to see your room box! I have been dreaming of doing something like this for quite a while now. Your room is so fab. I love how you vamped up your chandelier and the smoke above the chimney opening. I will be watching to see what you do with the room. How exciting!

Moon's Miniatures said...

The roombox is gorgeous! So is your blog!
So I just become a follower. Warm regards, Monique

Patricia Cabrera said...

Thank you every one for all your kind comments about my room. I am sorry I didn't reponded earlier... I have been so busy this week, however I so appreciate to see all you- lovely visitors- and the notes to me!!!*grin*

PAKY said...

Your roombox is wonderful!! So real and elegant, is a great work, congratulations!! hugs

Joanna Thomas said...

This is gorgeous! You have completely out done yourself dear lady! I love it and can't wait for you to begin decorating it! Bravo!