Sunday, October 19, 2014

A trouble

Hello, my name is Ilona.I am going to the barn to see Donte, he's my new baby goat. He's waiting for me to feed him.

Oh no Dante what are you doing up there? 

Come here, I'll hold you.Its time to eat!
baaaahh... I'm afraid...baaahh
                                              Mc Quackers, it looks like Ilona is in trouble! Please hurry go get some          help!
Quack , Mr. Cloud Ilona is in trouble, she needs your help ! Quack , quack!

Ilona, what happened?Bahhh
I'm alright Mr Cloud but please help Donte to get down for me? 
Sure thing, Ilona dear! Bahhh
Thank you Mr. Could, I feel safe now! Baaaahh
Well, aren't you hungry? where is your bottle? I must have dropped.... oh yes, its right here!

The milk still warm and you like it , I see!*grin*

I love the milk but I love you the most! Bahhh

Oh yes, I can "see" that"!!*grin*

Oh Dante I love you too but its time for me to go... I will be back tomorrow!
Thank you so much for your visit ! I hope you enjoyed your stay and perhaps shared our little story with a child that you love!
Ilona and the baby Goat is a collaboration between Linda Fisher and me!!
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PILAR6373 said...

La pequeña y preciosa Illona será una gran granjera,se la ve tan bien al lado de los pequeños animales de granja!!!!!

Giac said...

Hello Patricia,
Those pictures were great. What an enchanting collaboration of great artists.
Big hug,

The Old Maid said...

Oh, what a story! :) And the girl and all the animals are fantastic and sweet! Good luck with the auction!

miniacollection said...

So sweet!

Ilona said...

Oh, this is such a lovely story. I can see it in front of me: this what happened with the little baby goat :)! The little goat and the duckling are so adorable, just like Ilona is (so odd for me to write my name in a comment ;O)! This wonderful story could really happen (in RL) here on the rural countryside too, I love it! Mom sheep is an other artwork of you, oh dear, you are so talented.
Wishing you a nice week. Lovingly, Ilona