Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our Family Doll House

Hello there !*grin*

I have another blog that I have kept private for few years .... its called  Our Family Doll House.
This blog began as a journal as I wanted to "freeze" the happiest days of my life, where my children were all around me ! :)
Life continue and changes happened but although the family dolls had to be set aside for a while , I never gave up and continue my project.

Its open for public view... if you like you can view it here .

This is not a 1:12 scale dolls and dollhouse its a 1/4 scale to human comparison.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My dear friend... How wonderful it was to see you had come by for a visit.. You have been in my thoughts.. I hope all is well with you..
Now this is really a treat to see.
A family doll house... What a treasure you have created from the heart and hands.. I love it Pat!
Please do keep in touch. Thank you for thinking of me when you sit under ~the~ tree.
love and blessings,

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Patricia! I am so glad you posted this beautiful blog on your dollhouse! I couldn't leave a comment on your post. I am so enthralled with your family of dolls and understand completely about the scale. I too create food in this scale and larger, 1:3 in my etsy shop Pumpkin Hill Studios. I would love to send you some links if you need some help finding items in this scale, and I still have the little bird you sculpted for me- the tiny finch Marigold. my email is and I have bookmarked your dollhouse blog!

miniacollection said...

I'm glad to see you back and to see you haven't give up your family dollhouse. It's such a great idea.

Ilona said...

Hi Tita! So good to see you back with a new blog post :D!! Thank you for showing and inviting us at your other blog, although I have visited it before ;)! The idea of a family dollhouse is quite unique and it all looks fantastic, what a lot of work you've done. Especially in the bigger scale, it will be an artwork for life! The dolls you have made are gorgeous.
Lovingly, Ilona

Giac said...

Hello Patricia,
I just had a look and it is a beautiful house. What a wonderful family journal in a way. It is a beautiful project.
Big hug,