Monday, January 20, 2014

Toddler available on my ebay! :)


                                       Sweet little toddler  with her push car .....
on my ebay! *grin*


Veronique Blommaart said...

Nah, I think I will wait until you post "gorgeous hunk available on my e bay" :-)

(Cute crying toddler by the way!)

Ilona said...

Awww, she is such a darling, but why is she crying? Did she fell of her push car ;)? I can see some lovely small details, Tita, like the small hairpin in her hair, her tears and her clothes, it is beautiful work!
Blessings, Ilona

Eliana said...

Ai, que fofinha, Patricia!


Giac said...

Hello Patricia,
She is just lovely. Such great detail! I know she will sell quickly.
Big hug,

Minnie Kitchen said...

She is too cute!!

miniacollection said...

Poor little girl! She is really cute.