Friday, June 21, 2013


I have been to busy with much  to do  in both mini and real life leaving me no time for  blogging or even doing posts that I wish I could do. If you like my mini children, you may want to check often on my side bar  for the link to my ebay or store because it will be difficult for me to do posts on them. I am super busy with animals commissions. I am compromised  all the way to August  but I will try my best to post as I go or after, when I am able.

This was an interesting commission and although the goat is ready , I still need to make the goose. It is from a fairytale and I hope to be back and show-and-tell  for you.
For now , I will leave you with  this picture only.,....

May The lord Jesus bless your day!*grin*


Giac said...

Hello Patricia,
The goat is wonderful. I love him. Good luck with your commissions, but do not stay away too long. we'll miss you something awful...August!!!
Big hug,

Elizabeth S said...

Boy oh boy! Are you GOOD or What!!!???


Christel said...

Beautiful work my dear friend! I know the goose will be just as perfect! XOXOXO Christel