Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ebay Cat Auction

Dear friends and readers,

Thank you so much for taking your time in leaving me a note. I am so relieved and happy to know that the blog is working again and (((you))) can find ((((me))))!!!grin
One thing that was causing problems was the music box . For some reason, the auto play was redirecting  the blog in a weird way... I am* NOT  very smart about computer language and in fact , was a sweet soul that responded to my plea of help!
Anyways.... here is a brand new cat that I made and it is already listed on my ebay with a starting bid of $.99 . 
If you like to view the auction, just click the picture on the right tab , please.

Thank you very much! I hope you are having a blessed week!smiles~

*hahaha, I had to laugh when I  re read my own post and  I found out i left the word "not" out and gave a complete different meaning to what I meant! How presumptuous of me!hahaha
No, really...  I am terrible with computer language ! 

                                                Some progress pictures....

My atelier.... 


Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

Oh how wonderful!!!!

Eliana said...

Oi Patricia! Eu estava com saudades. ;)
Seu atelier é um pedacinho do paraíso!
Amei o gatinho.
Um forte abraço.

Elizabeth S said...

Hello Patricia! I love the little kitty and I think that you have made this one soooo lovable and cuddly!. Do you name your creations when you make them or do you let them be named latter by others? I don't know how you can let them be adopted when they have as much personality as they do; I know that I would never want to let any of them go!


Giac said...

Hello Patricia,
I am so happy you are back. I was missing your posts and your incredible artwork. Computers are my nemesis!
Your new cat is just wonderful. You never dissapoint.
Big hug,

Ilona said...

Oh Tita, you made me laugh by saying you forgot that word *not* :D!! But everything is working good now, I got your update.
Your little kitty is so adorable, so cuddly, so cute!
Warm hugs, Ilona

miniacollection said...

Another wonderful pet! I love the picture of your atelier.