Wednesday, February 6, 2013

sweet calf

Good morning dear readers and friends!

The beginning of this year, I  worked on my newest calf and this time I wanted to make one after Hershey, our dairy cow.

The weather warmed  up and I was able to go outside and get some lovely pictures.... hope you enjoy them!
Have a blessed day!

* The wonderful milking machine was made by the lovely Ilona...


Ilona said...

Dear Tita, your Hershey is a most adorable mother, especially for her new calf ;) The calf is so wonderful: it shows the pureness of a newborn animal very good and his position shows the appearance of all its love for its mother. Those eyes look to Hershey with real "calf" love. Your animals can show "emotions" by their eyes, this is so very clever of you!! It is so good to see new art work of you, Tita.
Thanks for mentioning my blog. I see the teatcups of the milking machine are a bit "of the hook" ;) I hope you can fix them?
I email you as soon as possible, dear friend. I am very busy with real life and my commissions at this moment, but I love commissions :D!!
Lovingly, Ilona

CWPoppets said...

What a funny coincidence! I'm making a cow and her calf as well. Now I have to really be good. ;-) Yours are lovely! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Fabiola said...

These scenes are very sweet.
Bye Faby