Monday, September 3, 2012

New ebay listings

                                                     My "doll" baby! Grin
 I know it does not make any sense...grin...but I want to show my grand baby Alissa! She just turned 1 and as you can see  I am all *smiles*!!!!!

I did listed on ebay.... you can view each listing  by clicking the picture on the right tab!*grin*


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TITA! It has been a long time my dear and I can see that your family has been growing and growing! I still cannot believe that YOU are a grandmother! Your work is marvelous my friend and I sure miss you! I wish you well and many blessings as the season turns to holidays and MORE busy-ness in our lives!! BISOUS, Nita

Ilona said...

Hi Tita! I just read your comment on my blog, thank you, my dear :)! Now I see on your blog you did listed some of your gorgeous dolls on ebay......but not this very wonderful and lovely doll of a grand baby, Tita???? No, I am kidding, she is so sweet and those tiny piggy tails in her hair: soooo cute! Enjoy her and cherish her with all your love! I know you do ;)
Warm hugs, Ilona

Drora's minimundo said...

Happy Birthday Baby Alissa! You are the best, most perfect and precious miniature!
Hugs, Drora

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Tita, you are so kind to come to visit me. I know that many people have either been too busy this summer to post or visit and some just stop visiting all together. But you are so special to me, and whenever I look at the beautiful work of your hands that is in my home, I have only the fondest of memories about you. My goodness you must have made some WONDERFUL memories this summer! I have been creating much and have sold on Etsy. Today is the first day of school, and I will not be there.....RELIEF and happiness is in my heart, but now, the challenge of trying to produce more, learn about marketing myself and most of all, DEAL WITH THE DISAPPOINTMENTS along the way will be the path I will walk on in the next year.

THANK YOU for your lovely words my friend! Nita

Eliana said...

Alissa está ficando uma mocinha linda! ;)
Desculpe ter perdido suas últimas postagens. Estou com pouco tempo para ver os blogs dos amigos.
Um grande abraço e parabéns pelo '1 aninho' da princesa.

Dessa Rae said...

Your little Grand baby is so adorable. Aren't Grand daughters so much fun?

I have taken your advice and gotten rid of the verification is a lot easier isn't it!!

BOL on your cute little ballerina auction, she is so adorable!!

Take care,
Dessa Rae

Fabiola said...

Happy birthday Alissa!
Kiss Faby

Begoña said...

¡qué preciosa es tu niña!,y que razón tienes, nos hacen sonreir todo el rato, sólo con mirarlos.Disfrútala mucho.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Is that a face to love or what?
She is just adorable Pat.. What a blessing she is for you all.
Enjoy your week dear friend,

MALINIK said...

Hi Pat,
your grand baby is so, so adorable! Happy 1 birthday!
Ina :)

Christel said...

Hello dear friend, it is so nice to see you have posted again. This baby is beautiful! Happy Birthday sweet Alissa!You look much like your beautiful grandmother! xoxo Christel

Giac said...

Hello Patricia,
What a beautiful baby! Happy belated birthday little one. I hope this birthday bring love and only good things.
Big hug,

miniacollection said...

Alissa is a little darling, she must be a ray of sunshine in your house.

CWPoppets said...

Hi Patricia,
I love the turkey in your last post. I can imagine he wasn't easy to make. And your "doll" baby is so lovely. :-)
You should make a doll of her.
I saw your Circus animals for the German 1:12 miniature magazine. Congratulation!