Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gray fox

little gray fox is on my ebay! love him!((grin))

The wolf will be available on my table at S.I.M.P ( Paris Miniature Show)


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Well.... I am going to put this one on the top of my favorites lists. He is magnificent dear friend.
Love and blessings to you and family

MALINIK said...

Hi Pat, they both are such cuties! Love them!:)

Dessa Rae said...

Hi Patricia,
Your little Grey Fox is well as your wolf. The colors are so true to life. He has such a personality, and I love the expression in his eyes. He looks to me to be in great thought, maybe thinking about the next meal he has to catch!!lol
Love him!!
Dessa Rae

miniacollection said...

It's difficult to see that it is a miature one, it's soperfect in real nature.

Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

Magnifique , hâte des les voir en vrai au SIMP ! tes chats sont de plus en plus beaux avec des expressions que je reconnais chez mes propres chats.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU are a master my dearest. I so love your menagerie of precious and pricesless figures!!! ARE YOU GETTING excited about YOUR OWN TRIP TO PARIS????? Oh how busy we all are, but I am just grateful that we can communicate at least this way...have day rich in JOY! Nita

Giac said...

Wow, He is beautiful.
I am so impressed by your work every time you put up a new post. You have the form of the animals perfectly, they all have so much character, but the eyes are fantastic. I really admire your talent very much.

Melli´s Hobby said...

The grey fox is amazing. You are very talented.

Ilona said...

The expression on his face......I don't want to meet him in the dark, Tita! He is an artwork! I wish I could go to SIMP.
Hugs, Ilona

Mona said...

Fantastic work!!! He is beautiful.

Maria Ireland said...

He is gorgeous. He has a beautiful face. Fantastic work as always :)
Hugs Maria

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Tita, you have got to be so excited now about PARIS!!!!! And I am thrilled to see your post on Paris on June 8 and MERCI BIEN for wanting to participate in it; with all that you have to do, you are such a wonderful sister and friend to do it. I will be FUN! MILLE BISES! Anita

Eliana said...

Ela é linda, Patricia. Perfeito! ;)

Ascension said...

Me encanta su expresion, sus ojos, su pelo, su cola..................TODO!!!!!
Es absoltamente magnifico.
besitos ascension

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there Mr. Fox, or rather, MONSIEUR RENARD!!! Oh Tita, I am so excited for you and your Paris trip! And we shall kick it off with our Paris link party this COMING FRIDAY! That is also the day my contract is completely done at school. Whew....I did it. I taught for nine years and that is ALRIGHT. But now to discover the hardships of art and writing, but at least I will be giving it a TRY.