Sunday, April 15, 2012

Milking Hershey and goodies!:)

I did promised that I would do a little video and share some goodies from Hershey's creamy milk so here they are.... her milk, fresh muzzarella that I made this afternoon and the video.
Now my next posts will be about minis... you may be tired by now to see my farm life and rather see more miniatures.;)
ps. please pause the music on the left bar so you can see and hear the video.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tita, you have a beautiful life my dear, SUCH a beautiful life.

Hershey is very precious and as she walked into the milking area, she looked so regal. A regal creature of GOD is she, and it is so evident how much you love her...and she KNOWS IT!!!!!

This was so special to see YOU and Becca and your LOVELY FARM! IT is so well-kept still amaze me at how much you accomplish in a day.

Thank you my dear dear friend, Nita

Fi.P said...

Dear Tita,

What shear pleasure it is to see you in your farm life.What a wonderful life it is! Hershy is divine and your lovely daughter Becca too. That mozzarella looks so delicious.

I don't think I could tire of seeing your lovely way of life.

Much love, Fi xxx

Eleonora said...

Che bella che sei, e in che meraviglia di paradiso vivi!! Hershey è veramente bellissima, e con tutto quel buon latte è proprio un dono divino! Complimenti!!

CWPoppets said...

Fresh homemade mozarella! That must be a treat! Yummy!
I love it when other bloggers show not only their miniature but also something about their life's. And you have a lot of interesting things to show.
Wish you a nice week, Pat.

Drora's minimundo said...

What a different life you lead. Peaceful and rich. Country enviroment at its best. Thanks for sharing.

Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

La traite des vaches , cela me rappelle mon enfance quand j'allais chercher le lait à la ferme et le lait était si bon !

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you Pat for leaving me such a sweet note... I always enjoy seeing what you are doing on the farm. So good to SEE you and Becca..
blessings my friend, Penny

Harriet said...

Oh, my dream to have a milking cow, I love the barn!! Beautiful cow, she's so gorgeous.

Ascension said...

Gracias por compartir y dejarnos ver tu vida "campestre"
Que maravilla disfrutar de la leche y el queso tan delicioso que debes tomar.
Enhorabuena por esa vaca herosa.
besitos ascension