Tuesday, March 27, 2012

French Bulldog , German Sheperd, Frankfurt and Paris


Wow... I can hardly believe that just few days ago , I was in Germany and France. I have so much to share but I will have to hold on until I get the massive pictures download and I can get back on my feet with all the hours difference.
This trip was so special and I will tell more in a post on my other blog. I'll try to add pictures and tell you more about it, if you are interested of course,grin.
SOOOO... here I have a "German" and "French" dogs ,grin!!
listed on my ebay....
...so glad to be home with my family and animals!!!!

Me.... waiting for our super-fast-train to take us to Paris. A 200miles speed!


Ilona said...

I already missed your posts, so you were abroad??!! A few kilometers more and yopu were at my place ;)!! So you have enjoyed your journey, Tita, I will read about it on the other blog. Welcome back home ;)
You also have made two very gorgeous dogs, so applicable "German and French" doggies ;) The are very beautifullly done.
Hugs, Ilona

Drora's minimundo said...

I'm speechless! Both dogs are pieces of art. They look so alive. Bravo for your wonderful work!!

BlacknickSculpture said...

200 miles an hour?! I'd be gripping the armrest with white knuckles LOL!

I like your new creations Patricia. The Bulldog has 'tude'. Love the way you captured its short coat!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WHAT A DELIGHTFUL IDEA to feature a FRENCH bulldog and a GERMAN sheperd! TITA, you have much to share with me here! PARIS.....oh dear. What a city. I have never been to Germany, but my next stop will be England and Spain with a detour in France, OF COURSE!

Your creations are yet again enchanting and MIND BLOWING as I still cannot figure out how you make such reality come to life in such a small form of art. YOU ARE BRILLIANT! BISES!!! Nita

Maria Ireland said...

Fantastic work I love both your dogs. They look so alive as does all your work. So glad you had a wonderful trip.
Hugs Maria

MALINIK said...

Pat, the both dogs are so cute! I see you had a great trip, yes we wait for pictures :)

Eliana said...

Os cachorros estão lindos! O pastor em repouso mas sempre alerta é perfeito. O Bulldog... amei!

contar said...

sus trabajos me entusiasman ese bulldog es precioso, y el pastor alemán es perfecto.
un abrazo

I am excited that work is beautiful bulldog, and the German Shepherd is perfect.
a hug

Ascension said...

Te han quedado fantasticamente reales!!!!!!!!!!
Me encantannnnn!!!
besitos ascension

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


OH YOU CAME TO SEE ME! Yes, excitement is in the air in the heart of our art, isn't it? You like my wands? They look really beautiful in person. How does it feel to be back home? Did every thing stay well on the farm? Oh as I look at this German Shepherd, see such expression tht is UNBELIEVABLE.

Well my dear, I am on spring break NEXT WEEK and I cannot wait. I have some plans to go out and show my art to some local boutiques, just to get started and get my name out there. It will be disappointing, but I have to start somewhere.


Christel said...

AHHH Pat! You are back!! I have missed you, and your wonderful works! These dogs are so realistic, once again a master artist creating heirloom tiny treasures. I can't wait to hear all about Germany, and France. I'm sure Nita is just so anxious to here all about Paris! xoxo Christel

"Create Beauty" said...

The work of your hands and heart is amazing my dear. Absolutely and Wondrously so!!!!! I think you must know the Master Artist...

~ Violet

fashion meets art said...

wonderful pictures! i love these animals. good work!
lovely greets
maren anita

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