Friday, January 27, 2012


This is a sad note from which I have held back from posting for a while now. However, due to the recent comments and events from facebook and other social media that was shared with me (as I am not on face book myself) I feel compelled to respond in order that those who are unaware of the real reason behind these attacks might understand why this is going on.

About a year and a half ago, I received a negative e-mail from a very well established, miniature animal artist accusing another artist and myself of copying her work. She was very aggressive talking about this other artist, who has been in the business longer than myself. I responded to her, telling her that I happen to be a very good friend of the artist she was bashing, and that her accusations were untrue. I also told her that if she wanted to make an animal in a specific position, she should not get reference pictures from the same source that many other artists (including myself!) do: Google. The reference pictures I use are from “REAL” animals, not other artists’ work. I explained that in my response to the aggressive email I received.

During our email exchange at that time, this negative artist emailed me pictures of MY work from online sources and altered the original wording from my photos. I explained to her that not only had I saved all her emails, that her doing so was illegal and that I would pursue legal action if I did not receive an apology. This artist discontinued contacting me after that, and I never received an apology.

In October of 2011, I decided to take a break from Ebay as I had plans to build my inventory for shows in 2012 that I am scheduled to take a part of. Right after I listed on Ebay, I received a suspicious comment through Ebay from an unknown ID. When I confronted this person, and asked if they were the same artist who had accused me earlier…she not only admitted that it was her, but she also told me that she was going to use this new ( existing ) ID to sell plastic and resin animals ( including tutorials), and that she would copy the work of me and other artists.

If you search on Ebay, you will find that she has four animals listed right now , they are under miniature dollhouse and if you search 'highest first ' you will find it easily . And if you have seen my latest work and you look at her feedback, you will see that most of her recent animals are made after mine.You can also go to and you will find her there as well.

I have three new items listed at the moment on Ebay, and one of them is a Great Dane. This person has wrongly accused me on Facebook of copying an artists’ original idea. For the past year and a half, I have only prayed that God would work through her heart and let her find peace and happiness in her own work. She has been in this industry for over 30 years and has much to her credit. It’s sad to me that she would hurt her own name as well as others in this endeavor to bring other artists down.


cockerina said...

dear Patricia, a famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, (perhaps you've heard of he), wrote in The Divine Comedy "do not care about them, but look and pass ..."
Today I say to you, that in the world of miniatures, everyone can have the same inspiration, without needing to copy from any other artist, because all we copy nature and everything that surrounds us, to play a scale of one inch!
All animals are equal, all are sleeping in the same position!
The lady, though it is a great artist, I do not know who you're talking about, perhaps concerned that your art can be an obstacle to his earnings? means that she admires your work, if she thinks that is similar to her! but you have your own style, she has her own.
the world is big.. what's the problem?? :)
Also, I'm sorry, when someone copies the idea of my mini-book, but what can I do?? nothing!
Patience, head held high and heart at peace.
I love your work and nobody ever can make me change my mind, it is copied or not!
a big hug from Italy!

miniacollection said...

I have never been able to understand the behaviour of such people. Apparently you're not the only one with that kind of problem. I don't think there is much one can do against it, but it can be very hurtful and infuriating. I'm so sorry it happened to you.

Garden of Miniatures said...

Hi Patricia,I'm very sorry that this happened to you. But please don't care about that!Your creations are so special,absolutely non sens what this "lady" is talking about.Delete her mails and do your work,it is always so wonderful to see your scenes!!! Warm hugs,Jeannette

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

People can spend their time talking. Such a waste of time that is lost forever.
Find comfort in those around you they will lift you up. Create because that is what you were born to do.
Fill us with excitement over your God given talents.
We can hardly wait to see more of your wonderful gems.

Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

Bien triste comportement ! il faut laisser parler .Le monde est grand .Attention , attention moi aussi je fais parfois des animaux "made in France" Ha...Ha...

MALINIK said...

Hi Patricia,
I saw this post in facebook today and I couldn't understand it too - this is just an animal, all of them are the same; all sleep, seat or stand in same pose. There is nothing specific, that you can copy; and everyone have own style.
I'm sorry it happen to you

Drora's minimundo said...

I am really sorry it happened to you. I find your sculptures beautiful and very real life looking. Lovely works of art which pleases the eye. That woman is probably bitter about other things in life too. Pity you can't ignore her.

Eliana said...

Oi Patricia, sinto muito por esse aborrecimento que vc está passando. Espero que tudo se resolva. Tem pessoas muito mesquinhas e infelizmente elas cruzam nossos caminhos. Tomara que ela continue o dela e deixe vc em paz, com seu talento e alegria.
Grande beijo.

Katrina said...

Dear Patricia, go on doing your excellent work. There are always jealous people. Thank you about telling about your sadness. A lot of hugs Kati

Roelie said...

Dear Patricia,

The world of miniatures is getting smaller. Everything has already been made ​​but everyone has their own style, which is undeniable! Let's enjoy the different styles. So go through with your lovely animals, I enjoy it.!
Early in my house, I had an anonymous "stalker" who said I was a copy.
Ignore, ignore and ignore those who unjustly accuse! Is it jealousy??
Your work is so great that you must not be sad for this post. You can realy be proud of your own style and animals.
Mini hugs, Roelie

linsminis said...

I have to agree with Roelie..there's nothing really that hasn't already been made...the difference is that we all have our own "style" which shows through in our work. As a foodie, it is totally impossible for me to make something that hasn't been made before...but I have my own style! All our creative ideas come from somewhere, whether it's a photo, google, the real thing...any "inspiration" has been triggered by something that we have seen & anyone who denies that is lying!
Rise above this....if you do just that, then there is no point in this person carrying on a vindictive crusade against you. Carry on being confident in your work....there is room for everybody in our world...above all, keep smiling & just ignore!!!
Mini hugs, Linda

The Menagerie Momma said...

Just remember "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". That phrase sure helped me out when this same thing happened to me several years ago. And when that wasn't enough I contacted a copyright lawyer and he sent the offender a cease and desist. That seemed to work. Best $80 I ever spent. Keep your head high and keep doing great work.

Plushpussycat said...

I do not who you are referring to, but I'm glad you've shared your struggle. I love your work and am sorry you have to deal with bullying. Look up "signs of a bully" on Google, and you will see that you are not alone. Sometimes mean-spirited people try to bully others, because they are trying to meet some unmet need. I agree with others who say to definitely continue your work. I would also add, do not engage with the bully. Do not have any contact, including emails, with this person. You can also block them from commenting on your blog, and maybe even on ebay. :-) Jennifer

BlacknickSculpture said...

I'm sorry to hear you have had to deal with this negativity Patricia. As so many here have posted we all have our own style which we bring to our subject matter. Ignore this person ( I know easier said then done ) and keep creating your wonderful animal characters!

Alexandra said...

you are unique, one of a kind.

Kind regards Alexandra.

linda060060 said...

Hi Pat.I know what you are going through and the bully who is doing this to you, uses molds, cheats, and furs already made animals designed by another artist then it is manufactured, sells it as "her work" as if she is doing it all herself, and finding short cuts instead of taking the time to sculpt the painstaking hours it takes to become an artisan

tuseiregina said...

I think that if your animals are so loving and touching is becouse they reflect the way you are, something that nettle the poor woman.
Try to pray for her.

Miniatures by Natalia said...

Patricia, I can imagine how stressful it is. I can say only TRY not to pay attention. You see how many people love and treasure your work, so concentrate your energy on your new projects. Your animals are beautiful. It is difficult for some artists to admit that somebody can be better.

Maria Ireland said...

Your work is wonderful and created with so much love and that shines through. Maybe this woman has lost her love of it and is jealous. Keep creating your wonders for us all to enjoy.
Hugs Maria

Daydreamer said...

Your work is SO Beautiful! And Inspiring! Please do NOT stop! Do Not let the spite of another sadden you! I Hope you will be able to put this behind you and carry on with the Creativity that we all so Admire!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Tita, NOW I KNOW FOR SURE that your blog has disappeared from my blog roll because I always used to catch your newest posts, and I would have been here IMMEDIATELY, no matter how busy I am in the morning..I will be back via email. Nita

Hugs said...

Your miniature works of art will ALWAYS be one of a kind originals because they are the work of your hands. Many artists may use the same concept but no two pieces can ever be exactly alike because these works are not manufactured.

Continue to use the talents, giftings and creativity that God blessed you with. God gave you these talents to use and share with the world. The world is big enough for everyone to have the opportunity to share their talents (works of art) and be blessed monetarily.

We reap what we sow, so I pray that the negative artist will have a change of heart and stop putting negative energy behind her art because that is exactly what she will receive in return.

cockerina said...

my darling, I was the first to express my opinion.
you saw how many people loves you and loves your work? I am convinced that you find yourself the enthusiasm.
ignore them the "lady", and move on!
I pass tomorrow, whether you're better... good Sunday, serene and cheerful!
kisses from Italy! :D

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh my dear Pat... First I must say that you are one of the best miniature artists I have come to know, and I am blessed to call you my friend.. I cannot conceive of anyone being so unjust and unkind...This person whom ever it may be must have alot of issues.. Continue on dear friend and try to put this behind you. Your work stands on it own with your masterful hands and creative mind.
Love and blessings,

Ascension said...

Patricia siento mucho lo que estas pasando.
Yo creo que debes ignorarlo y seguir adelante,
Eres una gran artesana y tus trabajos son inconfundibles.
No creo que nadie pueda copiar el "talento".
besitos ascension

Kathi said...

Your great blue heron says it all! Your work in incomparable. Try not to worry about what others may say with intent to harm. Take pride in the precious gift God has given you and enjoy! You have many, many admirers and friends!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Just coming by to check are you today? Nita

Katinka said...


Has the artist the initials K. P. ? Say it ain´t so! That would be a big shame for her.

BTW, your animals look "natural", "warm" and they have a certain charm.

Cheers from Germany

Mona said...

I`m sorry to hear what happened to you. Love your work and hope to soon see more!!! I agree with "Hugs", your work is not manufactured and everything you make will always be unique.
Hope you soon will be able to forget all about this person and again have a nice time making beautiful animals and dolls.

MALINIK said...

Agree with Katinka

Debs said...

I bet you have been touched by all the lovely comments which you have received which I am sure will have instilled a little confidence - I have experienced nasty negativity (not in my miniature world, but a different environment)- it is hard to deal with when you know that you are working hard - it is true when people say the bullies have a much bigger problem, which is why they attack.
Yours work is brilliant keep it up.

Kate Cabrera said...

Mom, I love your work and I love YOU! This too shall pass. Praying about this... :)

CWPoppets said...

Oh, Patricia! Do NOT let this get to you! Just ignore whoever this is. Your animals are very good and distinct and they wouldn't be if you would not work after original photo's and have your own ideas.
But of course if you made a Great Dane than I'm sure you copied him from ME! I made one in December. Oh wait, there is another one ... and another one! lol...

By the way, I love your blue heron. He is beautiful!
So stop wasting your time arguing with this person! Make dolls and animals and enjoy it!

cockerina said...

Dear Pat, how are you today? I agree with "CW Poppets," this lady has already got too much of our time... Now, forget immediately!
I embrace you strong.
kisses from Italy :D

Mari@-Il Cucchiaino Magico said...

I'm reading your post with a certain surprise and I'm so sorry for what happened to you. Unfortunately, I know what it means as so many other miniaturist friends. To have a misunderstanding with another artist is increasingly common but I always want to have confidence in the good intentions of the people. I'm always trying to do it and it is not simple... There are many honest people in the miniature artistic World and I'm also glad to know someone (Caterina is one of them). It is inevitable to have the same inspiration, but sometimes what you have to do is to be always honest, keep the calm, try to speak with her (when it's possible) and pass away if the other person continues in being dishonest. The Honesty is always the basis for a good job and a good reputation and you have both of them. Please pass away and who follows you will not have to believe what is said with malice. I love your dolls and your little animals and many people do the same. Courage... Compliments for your spirit and sorry for my English ;o)). Hugs

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

I have just now found this post, Pat...and I am so sorry you are having to deal with this kind of drama. Pity the heart that dwells in attitudes like this...I am keeping you in my prayers as, Rosa

kimsminiatures said...

I just learned of this Patricia. I think it is terribly sad and I just wanted you to know that I think you are a wonderful artist and person. Please don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I admire you and your work. I will pray that these troubles go away soon.
Hugs! Your friend and fellow miniaturist~ Kim

Fi.P said...

Dear Tita,

what a shame this lady spends so much time being negative and antagonistic instead of focusing on her own work. I had a look on eBay and if the artist i saw was the same person you mention you have nothing to worry about. Your work is beautiful and as another reader said, put it behind you and go forward.

Much love, Fi x

* Reve * said...

Hi Tita, I just read your post and I am so sorry you have to deal with “her” too. Months ago I received emails from her too; I did not respond to the last email and I blocked “both” her ebay IDs. Sooner or later she will have to learn how to fulfill whatever she is missing in her life and leave all of us along. Just like I told you before, your work is wonderful and unique; so great that I will start copying you!! *smile* Kathy

Miniature Pets By Bridget McCarty said...

My sympathies. I hope every thing turns out positive for you in this as well the other animal artists. They are charming.

Anonymous said...

So sad indeed. I have experienced being accused of copying a color theme. Can you imagine? The Creator of the universe and the Maker of the intricately complex and detailed human body is not offended when we imitate His art. He gives, gives, and then gives some more. One of the truest signs of a genuine artist is unselfishness. Art exists be poured out, to inspire. Beauty cannot be contained. Everything about it is free. In my opinion, when art is tainted by greed and selfishness, it is no longer a thing of beauty, no longer true art. Fly high dearest.
Much love,