Sunday, January 1, 2012

Grizzly Bear

January 1st 2012!!!WOW!!*grin*.. can you believe it?

Well... I spent this past week reflecting in God's Grace upon me and my family. I was moved to tears and counted my blessings when my oldest daughter heard that one of her best friend from her early teens went home from the hospital and her brain cancer have spread all over. Jessica is 24 years old , like my oldest daughter , but her 12 years old sweet face pop in my mind and I felt a great deal of sadness in my heart. I haven't seen Jessica or her family for 12 years now. They live in Miami ,Fl and we did too before we moved to our farm almost 10 years ago;however my daughter kept contact with them.

As much as I love my art ... there is nothing like the love of my family and how blessed I feel for each of my 7 children . I know that cancer does not discriminate and this could happen to any of us so please... if you feel lead to , pray for Jessica and her family?(((thank you))))

Now... it sounds silly that I will talk about a grizzly bear .....

This is my first "blond" grizzly bear. The picture below is uncropped to show you my newest vignette. No.... I didn't make it ,grin, with exception of the little fish on the water .I made those!

Below, you can see that I added a nice back ground to the cropped pictures...

I am hoping to take this display to the Philadelphia Miniaturia show in 2012 ( you can see more details on my website) to showcase my wild animals .=)

Some time I will do a post all about my wool preparation. It is a long process as I choose to raise the sheep and process the wool so when I create an animal has an unique process but I do buy or trade some wool to blend with all I raise because different animals needs different types of wool.

The nice thing about doing my self is that I can hand dyed prior card the wool. I have an amazing handmade carder machine and when I do I post, I will show you and talk more about the process.

I am also a hand spinner... I have 3 spinning wheel and one of them is from late 1700's... can you tell that the post about the wool will be a long one?grin! Yes, it will be because I "must" tell you the history behind 2 of my wheels.*smiles*

Well just recently I learned that one can use "yarn" when adding the wool to the animal. I honestly never thought about but because I don't use commercial fiber, I have been spinning my wool into single, semi-bulky ,strands of yarn. This allow me to add the wool in a more uniform way.... it is probably not useful for all animals but for smaller animals is a good idea.!*grin*

The picture above is a little off contrast. It was taken at outside light . I didn't fix it but the bear true colors are more like the picture below.

ohh I just deleted the picture!sigh.... I can not add because I would have to start all over again . If you want , go to my auction and you will see it.

Couple pictures to show you some progress..... the reason you see the blue tape is because when ever one makes a large animal it is a good idea to make a light core. You can use paper , aluminum foil and the tape helps the clay to stick to the armature.

One more picture with the body in progress.....


Dawne Boynton Polis said...

I don't even know how to compliment you enough on your amazing God-given talent!! I just popped in to say Bonne Année, and I find myself looking at such wondrous miniature sculptures! And, also I must say that I am moved by your words about your daughter's friend with cancer. We just can't say why these things happen , but I will lift her up tonight to our All-knowing, Loving Father.
I would love to see you at the show in Philadelphia!! My dearest friend lives there, so I could actually get to it!! When is it? Oh, I must look it up on your website...
God Bless you and your precious loved ones!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU have magic in your fingers. Yes, you do.

First of all, I am so sorry to hear of Jessica's situation! That rotten disease respects no age, and to hear of such a young person to be afflicted with this is a reality of this gracious life that holds so many mysteries. May God grant us all grace to make sense of it all with the faith, hope, and most of ALL LOVE that we have to give.

NOW FOR THIS BEAR. OMGOODNESS TITA!!! I particularly love the TOP VIEW; you can see the true to life form of this ROUND animal! PERFECTLY DONE AND what can I say? Your art never fails to make me gasp in WONDERMENT!!!

HUGS TO YOU and if you get a chance, come by my blog to see what these harp-playing fingers have been up to for Etsy! BISOUS! Nita

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

Wonderful!!!!! So precious! Such an amazing gift that you have. Such a treat for us! Hugs, Morena

P.S. Prayers are on their way.

Ascension said...

Siento lo del amigo de tu hija, la enfermedad no respeta la edad.
Que fantastico trabajo y que buen decorado.
Si solo el oso ya parece real, con ese decorado es absolutamente genial.
besitos ascension

Maria Ireland said...

So sorry to hear about your daughters friend.She will be in my prayers.
You have a wonderful talent. I love visiting your blog and admiring your beautiful work. I love your bear. Wishing you and yours all the best for 2012.
Hugs Maria

Eliana said...

O urso é lindo, Patricia! Adorei o 'display', é o ambiente perfeito!
Um super abraço

CWPoppets said...

He looks fantastic, Patricia!
His fur is perfect. You must have spend hours and hours doing it. And it makes it very special because of the fact that you have used your own sheep's wool.
Wish you a belated new year.