Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's a farm life!=)

Hello You!!*smiles*

I am posting some animals that have been working for months now. These animals will mostly be offered in the 2 miniature shows that I am planning to attend next year and some to my ebay. I will be updating my website with the dates but I will tell you that I am going to TomBishop and Philadelphia Miniaturia.I am very excited about these shows as it will be my first time and I can only imagine that is way better to see miniatures in hands than through a screen.*grin*
Now.... here are some animals pictures as before and after...
* tractor is a Farmall collector item in a 1:12 scale

i love the baby chicks... they will be coming up soon on my ebay...
Missed placing the "naked' picture of this rooster... isn't he charming???

i think is funny how some animals can look in their sculp....
i like this way better....grin!
this handsome donkey needs proper pictures... mattie ( my sheepdog) wanted to be on the picture too.
there he is ..... he stands very nicely on under his feet
this collie is beautiful in person.... his wool turned up really good looking.
Isn't he look funny here? many times when sculpting an animal is important to think about the amount of wool that will be covering and make them more 'skinny" to give the "space" for the wool.... collies normally needs that extra attention!

Merry Christmas too you all!!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


OK, there is a gaggle of goofy animals here that I just love. That goose is GREAT! THAT DONKEY IS SUPER!!! Oh Tita, and the little chicks??? I ADMIRE YOU for many reasons...this morning I was working on one of my little theatres to make Cinderella. WOW it is hard to work with small figures! My eyes are also hurting from trying! So dearest, you are extremely talented and I APPLAUD all the wonderful work you have done in the last year. BRAVO!!!


Peeters Liliane said...

Beautiful done!!! I'm speechless, bravo!!!
Merry Christmas,

Christel Hutson said...

All of the animals are beautiful Pat! I love the baby chicks soft and adorable! The collie is gorgeous! I know you will do great at the miniature show! I am excited for you my friend. Much Love, always, Christel

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

I love the pictures! They are also wonderful! Merry Christmas Patricia!!!! XXX Morena

MALINIK said...

Love them all!:)

Eliana said...

Eles são lindos, Patricia. As aves estão o máximo!
Super abraço

CWPoppets said...

They are all great but the baby chick is just unbelievable.

Ascension said...

Que maravilla, me gustan todos y no te podian haber quedado mas reales, enhorabuena.
Feliz Navidad!!!
besitos ascension