Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beagel, Golden Retriever and Collie dogs

Hello dear readers and friends,

Firstly let me thank you for stopping by and so very kindly leaving me notes. I appreciate that very much and I treasure each one of you as I read the comments about my work.
As you can see , I have been working with dogs.
More I make ,more I realise that I still have lots of room to grow in my art. The other day I was looking at some of my first dogs and I was laughing to see how "funny" some of them looks. I still have their pictures here and on my web page because I believe that been an artist is a progress and although the growth is a good factor is not everything.
I sure hope to get better and for (you) to look and say : wow! it looks real! BUT that is not everything to me. I honestly don't want my work to worth thousands of dollars and one must keep under a glass container otherwise a single dust will ruin it. Yes, of course I am pleased when I see interest in my work and because I sell mostly at auction format is great to see many bids but I do hope that my prices all be reasonable and many people can afford it . I want my animals and figurines to depart from my farm and go all around the world to many dollhouses and not only adults but older children be able to enjoy it.
My daughter , Becca, just turned 12. I made a "her" for her,grin. When she was opening the various gifts , I could see the excitement that she was getting to as my tiny box was handled to her.
She jumped with joy and said to me: " oh momma, I love her!"smiles
Becca sets up my dollhouses for pictures but she also have one large dollhouse of her own. When I make my minis I don't only think about the adult collector but the children too that may be too small to "play' but enjoy watching and the older ones that has already began to appreciate the world of miniatures.I hope my animals and dolls will always bring 'life' to ones dollhouses.*grin*
I don't mean much when I am writing this but it was in my heart.....:-)
yes.... these are availabe on my ebay... go by there if you want to buy it or just see more pictures!


Les Miniatures de Béatrice said...

Fabulous work!

Eliana said...

Lindos, Patricia! Tenho a impressão que sairão correndo e latindo a qualquer segundo! :)
Grande abraço

Miniatures by Natalia said...

What beautiful work! Even the eyes are "talking".

Christel Hutson said...

Beautiful animals Pat, as realistic..just perfect! xoxox Much Love, Christel

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, Tita
Your dogs are such beautiful likeness of the real dogs. I am amazed at your creativity.
Such incredible details.
Teresa in California

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Tita,

Good morning my precious one...your work is always a welcomed treat into my heart. I am off to work now, but thinking of you OFTEN and I hope you are enjoying every moment of your new little grand daughter's smiles! I LOVE THE MINI HOUSE WITH THE LIGHTS!


Ascension said...

Solo les falta podrian ser mas reales, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension

PAKY said...

God!!! How you do it!!! Incredible!! you always surprise me!! Are so real and really well done work!! Hugs

Fi.P said...

So beautiful Tita,

I so enjoyed hearing about your work, you are a true Artist, making your art for others to enjoy. I certainly enjoy looking at your images....such expression.

Your new dogs are delightful, I feel when I look into their faces, they are about to wag their tales.

Its lovely to hear about your daughter too,the young ones do, so love their miniatures.

Susi said...

La postura es tan real, sus expresiones tambien parece increible que encima se añade la dificultad del tamaño, enhorabuena¡¡¡
Un beso