Monday, August 29, 2011

Miniature light gray cat and fairy

Hello everyone,*grin*

Firstly I want to thank you all for the warm wishes and lovely notes on my last post. As you can imagine I am so very busy as we also started back schooling the children. I do have a teacher that comes and help us but there is never a quite moment here at the farm!!!!*smiles*

I had the fairy and the crow ready for while now but I haven't had any time to do a nice post on them, they are listed on my ebay now. If you want to see more pictures just click on my ebay logo on the side bar or write woolytales on ebay site search.

Also , I have this light gray cat listed. I have been taking more time on my cats because I want them to be better and better. I am excited about few progress that I did as I worked on this one and I am looking forward to do more to see how the new ones will turn up.

I will leave you now with a smile and with a wish that things may settle a little more here so I can go and visit each one of you as that something that I love to do


Christel Hutson said...

Hi Pat, I saw this very sweet blonde fairy on ebay last night. Love her little tear stained face.. I don't know if I told you..when I was 8 for my birthday, my aunt gave me a kitten, she was a calico, mostly gray and white with a few cream and orange spots here and there..I named her Powder"..she lived to be 14 years old, and had many many litters of kittens..not unique for a country cat..but wahat was unique about her is that she had seven toes on each of her front paws, and every female kitten she bore had the same baseball mitt looking front paws! I love your cats, every one has that special something that makes a cat a cat..feline power! Love you my friend, good luck with your auctions Christel

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ooooohhhh.....this is wonderful....this is GREAT!!! LOOK AT THAT RAVEN! This is unreal my dear. Oh how I have missed you, but you now have a new addition, and you will be so busy. But it was wonderful to see your comment tonight. Ahhh, I started to go back to school and now, the stress begins. I LOVE MY STUDENTS, but just the driving, the planning and the long hours is a bit much after such a long and wonderful vacation. Your cat even has the STEP and LOOK to him as a "real" cat. You not only capture the look, but the ATTITUDE....that is artistry on a high level my sweet.....


M.Narbon said...

Very nice cat!!!! Wonderful!!

Ascension said...

El gatito se ve tan dulceeeee!!!!, precioso.
Esa preciosa hada esta genial con el cuervo (a mi lado oscuro le encanta...jejeje)
besitos ascension

Eliana said...

Um gatinho cheio de charme... Amei a fada!

Maria Ireland said...

Your cat is adorable. That fairy is gorgeous her wings are beautiful. Hugs Maria