Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goldilocks & 3 Bears PLUS my first tutorial!!:-)

Hello dear readers!!!! I am so excited about this post. Why? Because firstly it has been a while that I want to make a fairytale set in 1:12 scale AND because I have been thinking about making tutorials for you my dear readers !!!!*grin* Godilocks is so sweet. I honestly think that this set is much better in person. I believe the bears are telling the story ... Papa bear is positioned in a way that one can tell that he knows trouble is coming...(grin, not really!!) Momma bear has a big heart and one more is just.... one more! Not big deal, right?*grin* Little cub is "pleading" with both of them to "keep her!?" I hope one can see their eyes expression... Now... about the tutorial..... okay ,please be gentle with me,grin,... this was my first time making a tutorial and I recorded all alone as one can see that my plans for a 10 minutes video ended up being almost 19!! I don't know how to do things without detailing about it.... you will see , if you are brave enough to view it all!!!LOL I will LOVE to hear from you and if you can leave me a note on youtube or here I truly appreciate. Goldilocks and the Three bears set will be available tonight at my ebay and auction will last until next Saturday. Thank you and God bless you!


miniacollection said...

Your scene is lovely. I admired the eyes of the bear. Goldilocks seems very happy to eat the porridge.
Thanks for your tutorial, I am not sure I would be able to manage to make such good hands. Of course not because of your very good tutorial but because of me.

Mooghiscath said...

merci Patricia pour le tutorial , c'est toujours difficile de faire des bras et mains .
la scène avec les trois ours est tout simplement magique ! les yeux des ours sont très expressifs et leur attitude est amusante .

Ascension said...

Hola Patricia
1º Encantada de conocerte.
2º Ricitos de oro y los tres ositos estan de cuento "fantasticos".
3º Me he visto el tutorial y me ha encantado aunque no he entendido nada de lo que decias, me ha servido para aprender que una mano no se hace de una sola vez y de una sola pieza como yo hacia, que hay que hacer el dedo pulgar a parte y que se necesita una herramienta especial que procurare conseguir.
Me encantara seguir tus tutoriales este ha sido perfecto, que importa que dure 10 o 20 minutos lo importante es que mi visita a tu blog me ha servido para aprender.
Lo dificil sera conseguir unas manos como las que tu haces, eso solo lo puede hacer una maestra, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension

Eliana said...

Apesar de toda sua generosidade e paciência, acredito que nunca serei capaz de fazer bonequinha alguma!(lol)Admiro demais sua arte e agradeço por você compartilhar seu talento com seus leitores. Um forte abraço.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TITA..What can I say. This is so wonderful to see you BEAUTIFUL FACE, to HEAR YOUR LOVELY VOICE, and to see HOW you do this and what you use. YOU ROLLED OUT THAT ARM AND HAND SO FAST, I didn't have time to blink!!!! Now, I wanted to try MY hand at sculpting a couple of months ago with AIR DRY CLAY. It broke on me! Do you bake this FIMA? Do you use an armature? I made a wire armature and it started to look so good, but then the thing broke. I am so proud to call you my friend and sister because not only are you talented and kind, but BOLD to do this. People have asked me to play my harp, but first of all, my harp is not in a position where I can be in front of the computer camera because we don't have a video camera. But this is wonderful and I agree; it DOES help to SEE YOU, the artist.



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello beautiful one! Wow it is so good to actually SEE YOU speak! You look so gorgeous with your hair this style and thank you for letting me know about the clay. It sure does make a difference if you BAKE IT! I was told the air dry would be sufficient, but I must have done something wrong! I think my medium is working with paper. I am having so much fun making books and other paper mâché items!

Thank you for coming to my beach bash, even though you already have had a wonderful beach vacation!!!

Bonne soirée!!! Nita

Nina in Germany said...

Thank you for the totorial, very interesting.
I love your dolls.

Carolyn said...


Thank you for sharing your technique with all of us. This is a wonderful video. I look forward to your next one! I make miniature mohair bears and can appreciate all the work you put into each piece you create.

You remind me so much of Celene Dion.
Keep up the great work!