Friday, August 6, 2010

Dress up girl, older child, toddler boy and Collie dog

***You may click it to enlarge and please visit my auctions to read and seee more about each one of them! :-)
What a busy week I had, but I was so excited when I finally got to the pictures. I worked longer days ( and evenings) only because my DH was traveling and time seemed right!*grin*

A dress up girl.... I always wanted to make one.... and as a matter of a fact , I have started a dress up tea party scene. I made a little older girl... that was nice too because I found out that 1/2" of difference on the size ( 4" tall) allowed me to be more detailed with .... hands and toes.
Then I made a little boy..... really young ...around 3. So sweet. His face is almost mad! Maybe is because the dog is peeking on his reading!*grin*

I hope you have a lovely week as well and will have a terrific weekend. I am looking forward to walk around the pastures this evening...... see you soon! Smiles~


Margaret said...

Ooh the dress-up girl was my favourite until I saw the little girl in navy blue, she is adorable and obviously loves her sweets, just like me. The other dolls are wonderful too but I think those two are my current faves!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Pat! I just love your little ~dress up doll~
She looks so sweet.. The little boy is adorable.. How wonderful they look all sitting together with their best friend... Exquisite workmanship my friend.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW. You bring back so many fine memories of my own childhood of dressing up with momma's high heels, having them click clack under my tiny feet...and all the bangles of jewels hanging from my neck and wrists....your art not only enchants the eyes, but the memory. FINE WORK MY DEAREST!!! Nita

May said...

Que preciosidad de niña. esta graciosisima, con sus tacones, jaja.
¿Quien no se vistio en su infancia con las cosas de su madre?
Te ha quedado entrañable , dulce e ideal.
El niño, bueno el resto de los personajes son graciosisimos y monisimos.
Besitos, May

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonsoir ma belle amie! Thank you for your visit chez know that when I see your name appear on the comments page, my heart jumps, literally, for joy. Your presence brings back so many lovely memories, and your friendship is so dear. Thank you for such lovely praise about my "poetry"....we must find the treasure beneath the patina and celebrate....YEAH!!!

I am cooking dinner....will be back in a few...Nita

Ascension said...

Una gran realidad, una preciosa niña poniendose la ropa y zapatos de su mami, jejeje
La parejita te ha quedado genial, con esas poses tan naturales.
Me encanta tu trabajo.
besitos ascension

Karin F. said...

where's the little girl with the pink bows in her hair? Can't find her listing...
hugs Karin

Patricia Cabrera said...

@ Karin~She was sold yesterday. Thanks you!!