Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Please meet my new little girl - Maggie!

I have been experimenting with my oil paintings and I really like how the features are becoming more realistic. I am layering the colors as I heat set and this creates a much smoother finish.

Would you honestly agree with me, by comparing my newly dolls with some of my early ones that you have notice any difference? I truly would love to hear from you. *grin*
I also decided to add eyelashes. Yes, Yes it is a pain in the neck but I think is well worth it.
The second picture is a close up. I am letting you double click and see it in an extremely large size so you can see the details. keep in mind the Maggie is equivalent a 5 years old child. She measured close to 4" tall before I sat her down.
thank you.....*grin*
Ps. Maggie will be list today on my ebay.


Christel Hutson said...

Dear Pat, as you know, I have followed your work for quite some time now, and have always been in awe of your talents! They are seemingly edless my friend. Yes, I can see a difference in the painting technique, and think it does give a more lifelike look to the finished piece! I am at a loss with eyelashes..they are also a royal pian in my rear end! haha but, I have not given up on them, I keep trying, and someday will make a set that pleases me enough to show. These look great! Her freckles look very realistic. I love little Maggies expression, she looks so innocent and sweet. XOXOX FaeWee Blessings, and warm hugs, Christel

The Old Maid said...

You're right Patricia, Maggies face does look more realistic.:)And as all your little girls she is so sweet!:)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tita.....she is a dream. She looks like my cousin when she was little...with the freckles and red hair...so darling. Did you also crochet the little sweater? Oh, my momma used to crochet the sweetest little cloths for my little poupées.....ah.....OH I love the little gal to my right, POUTY..how can you resist that face....

MAGIC, as always dear one! NIta

Ascension said...

Has conseguido darle un aspecto real, el tono de la cara, las pestañas esas pecas que hacen un rostro precioso.
Es un cielo de niña y se parece mucho a una que hay detras en una fotografia, quien sera?
besitos ascension

Dessa Rae said...

Patricia, she is so adorable. The way her head is tilted is so realistic. She has so much personality, as do all of your dolls. I enjoy seeing all of your creations!!
Take care,
Dessa Rae

julie campbell said...

Hello Patricia, thanks for visiting my blog today :0) Time has been in short supply lately so forgive me for not visiting yours as often as I like !
Your little girl is so cute, yes I can see a difference in your painting, I love the way you have painted her eyes, so pretty :0)
I love to use genesis oils , they are so lovely to build up and give such lovely skin tones.
julie xxx

miniacollection said...

I love Maggie. It is a superb doll.