Friday, June 18, 2010

NEW!!! Five ways pose-able little girls and Publication Magazine

I have made pose-able sculpted dolls before but they were all 4 ways pose-able ( arms and legs).
Last month , I did a commission momma and decided to try to make her neck pose-able. I loved the results. The inside neck is almost in a ball shape so one can circle the head increasing the pose-ability to many options.
These little girls will be available on ebay some time today. I truly enjoyed making them and learning/perfecting the making.

Don't you just love the jellybeans sandals???*grin*

I don't know if the doll can or not stand alone until I after I thread her. This one can stand alone but her positions are so funny.

You can find my work at the Miniature Collector Magazine July ,2010 issue.*grin*


Ascension said...

Te han quedado preciosas, me encanta el movimiento que has conseguido darles, parecen todavia mas reales, enhorabuena!!
besitos ascension

miniacollection said...

Lovely girls, I like the sandals of the first one and the denim dress of the second one.
Congratulations for having your work in Miniature Collector.

The Old Maid said...

Congrats on the next publication Patricia! The girls are lovely! How cool is that they can move their heads! Love these jellybeans sandals!:)

Minnie Kitchen said...

That is amazing! great great job!

PAKY said...

girls are lovely, congratulations for your publication in the magazine,your work deserves...hugs