Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mini Birthday Party!

I finished these little children and they are all listed at ebay. The little boy is my favorite... he is not very happy to be the only boy invite.*grin*

I was thinking of my oldest son, Kevin, when I made little Thomas. Although I home school my children, some of them went to a Christian school years ago before I started. Kevin went only for one year ... it was kindergarten.
Kevin has always been a sweet he is a 6.2' tall almost 16 years old kid that still kisses me at least 3 times a day and still asks me daily what can he do for me.
When he was in KG all the girls liked him very much ,grin, in fact one time there was a birthday party for one of them. The girl sent an invitation to Kevin. It was a barbie party. In the invitation the girl asked Kevin to come and bring "ken"! My husband I and I laugh about it. Kevin did not go and the mother told me later on that the girl cried! I felt terrible and wish I knew that it was so important to her , but at that time I thought it was cute but not realistic as I already knew the party was for girls only.... well... except for Kevin.

Kimberly later on was able to come and play with Kevin!*grin*


synnøve said...

What a cute and lovely scene!
Synnøve :)

Nesca said...

AAAaaaaa!!!!!! it is absolutely awesome ! one of the best ideas in miniatures i have ever seen ! brilliant ! and soooo cute ! not mention fantastic quality , always perfect !

Hugs said...

The little boy is my favorite too. Oh, how I wish I could attend the mini party! Too cute!

miniacollection said...

It's a lovely and sweet scene. Your dolls are beautiful, I love the boy. The story you told us about your son made me laugh, it's so typical...

Kathi said...

How cute! Love your children! The balloons are great! :D

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dear Synnove ~ (((thank you))) for your praise!*grin*
Nesca, you are so sweet, thanks a lot!
Dear Hugs~Please COME! you are invited!*smiles*
Dearest Genevieve, I appreciate your visit and lovely and kind note about my dolls!*blushing*
Hi Kathi, thank you so very much!*smiles*

KarenHarveyCox said...

These are so wonderful. Is it hard to part with these lovely creations?

Meli said...

Love the animals and the dolls!!!
Congratulations is extraordinary!!!
The doggies are lovely!!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

I love the scene, so full of life and also humor. :)
The ballons are really nice too, I remember how I liked these when I had my parties!