Sunday, January 17, 2010

Miniature man * Bathroom & Bath*

I know most of you would laugh to know that I thought a *lot* before I made this doll...why? because he is NUDE and anatomically corrected!
I really wanted to make few dolls for bathroom setting , including woman , children and babies .
In everything I make I *try* my best to make it as life like as possible and that is included all my dolls.
I don't have any problem with nude art , no matter if is painted or sculpted but needless to be distorted.
My little guy is just an ordinary-every-day gentleman that is ready to get into the shower... brush his teeth or shave.
He is very detailed . His eyes are my own glass eyes and if you visit his auction ( just click the picture on my left bar) you will see a lot more pictures , including detailed hands...feet ... and more.
Next will be some roombox updates, a horse and a carriage and a new dog.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma chère Tita,
This is another exquisite work of art...I am so glad to see you venture out into so many different venues. Everything from muscles to the color of his skin is absolutely detailed with your precision!!! The background of the bathroom, I am assuming, is also the work of your hands! Everything is so realistic! Even the lighting, has just the right light!!! I am done with that assignment I worked so hard on all day and night. Now, tomorrow I have another assignment to finish. Visiting with you makes me feel a lot better! Bisous ma chère! Anita

niknik said...

Супер! хотела бы я, чтобы такой мужчина встречал бы меня в ванной каждый день!))))

Puppenstubennostalgie said...

Das ist aber ein heisser Mann....wie aus dem richtigen Er ist wirklich fantastisch geworden....Hochachtung!!!

Liebe Grüße

PuNo / Monika

PAKY said...

Fantastic, I like your work very much, you are a great artist.... regards!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dear Niknik and Monika~ I don't speak german or russian so I must use the translator.... you have no idea how funny and innacurate some of this translations comes back.... I was laughing in reading your *translated* comments!
Nita and Paky , Thank you so much for your comments... I truly appreciate! Smiles~

Joanna Thomas said...

He's really cute Patricia! Beautiful detail!!

Carmen O. said...

He looks great!!! I love his hair!