Friday, December 4, 2009

Miniature Christmas Tree

I was hoping to post the tree inside my first room box but because I was working with my first miniature porcelain doll, I was not able to finish the room although I am still working on it. I have hope that I will be able to post the room's picture before Christmas but I am not sure. I don't want to rush my self as I am enjoying making this room so very much .Yesterday I had all the wood frames cut on my table saw and today is painting day. I still have to run all the electric wiring and finish making my sconces then I will be ready to set up.
Here is the tree. I bought this tree plain and in a natural color. I dyed few times to get to the color I wanted. The color was very important to me. I did not want to look like a artificial tree like but rather a *real* tree. It is a large tree also measuring 8" total with the ornament. I wanted to be this big because my room has high ceilings ( 11 1/2" tall) and any other size would look silly.I have to make the skirt too.... lots to do on real and mini life!*grin*

All the ornaments are hand made. The tiny details are of course the most important ones. The painted ornaments are the most favorite among the children... they seems fascinated specially at night when one is allowed to turn on the 36 colors mini lights.
I should be posting my first doll soon. She is all ready just patiently sitting and waiting for her pictures. *smiles*


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My sweet and dear artist,
You NEVER, EVER disappoint. This tree is just exquisite!!! YOU MUST BE HAVING SO MUCH FUN! I am also making a tree for my little theatre....I will show you when I am done. Many wishes for a success on the doll and the house!!! I am watching closely! Bisous ma chere, Anita

Christel Hutson said...

wonderful, tiny tree! Looks just like real. Can't wait to see the room box and what I am sure will be a spectacular doll! Hugs, XXOX Christel

Debbie said...

Beautiful Christmas Tree..

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dear Anita, Christel and Debbie!
((( Thank you thank you))))
Yes, I am have a *lot* of fun and so all my children!
Thank you for your comments means a lot to me!*grin*

Bonnie said...

Beautiful, Anita! Your tree looks so real I want to cuddle up next to it and dream of sugar plums!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tree and so much detail on every x

PAKY said...

The Christmas tree is precious, and so real, it's a great work, congrats
I like your blog so much,your miniatures are so beautiful :)

Bear cabin miniatures said...

What a beautiful christmas tree. It looks perfect. I also love your little girl with her doll :0)
Julia xx