Monday, November 9, 2009

7 things about me award!

I must confess that I am *terrible* about the blog awards. I really don't get around too much to get to know many of the wonderful blogs out there because I am *SO* busy most of the time and when I am not busy that way I am with my family or enjoying the farm.

My dear friend Anita from castles crowns cottages and her kind husband Ruben , from Rattus Scribus have given me this thoughful Award.I thought this award was very interesting because I am to tell you 7 things about me that you probably don't know.

Before I do that I would like to invite you to visit both blogs by clicking on the blogs names above . If you haven't visited Anita's blog , be ready for a *royal treat*, I mean it!*grin*

The tales of Mr. Rattus will certainly make you smile and make you want to give him some comments. So please do take a moment and don't be a stranger!*grin*

Now things about me.... as *seven* is my favorite number!

1. I am absolutely terrible when it comes to directions. I am disoriented by nature. When I hear about husbands and wives that argue when they get lost because the wife seems to know best... I think...mmmm... not me. Mark ( my husband) is always right ... I mean... when it come to directions!*grin*

2. I love guns and to shoot. I have never missed a shot . I own a 270 rifle and I love it. It was not always this way. About ten years ago , when we lived in Miami , we had a break in while we were in our home in the middle of the night. Until then , I hated guns and I didn't even think we needed an alarm system. That experience changed my life. The next day I told Mark that I wanted the alarm and I wanted to learn to handle a gun properly.

Today I use the gun in our farm. Unfortunately , some times I get wild dogs and coyotes that comes to my pasture and kill my lambs just for fun... as sad it is , I have to kill them.

I like to shot at target ... specially on empty wine bottles.

3. My children *thinks* I am a bad driver..... I totally disagree,grin. I have my driver license since 1986 and I NEVER had a ticket or an accident while I was the driver.

4. Having said that , I was in a major car accident at age 2. This happened in Brazil. I flew out of the window during the impact. Mum ,broke her arm and was unable to move and my brother and sister were unconscious ...then a HUGE truck came on the road where I was standing... mum yelled my name as she couldn't move and I slowly moved out of danger but the truck collapse and all the pumpkins and watermelons rolled down the dirt road..... I remember the GIANT pumpkins.... well... they were giant to me at age 2.. I was then in 7 other car accidents during my childhood.Did I really say *7* was my favorite number?

5. I went to university to become a writer ( Portuguese of course) I only did 2 years as I moved to US . I choose French and German instead of English.... what was I thinking????? My plans were to finish my degree and take one more year on Journalism to become a reporter. That sounds so funny to me today!*grin*

6. I can not stand math. Simple math is fine. I know my numbers but I really should have worked better on my math in school. You need to see my first building that I built. It was meant to be 12' x 12'.... it is a small milking parlor for the milking goats and it turned up to be 12x 11 1/2.... well you may think that was not so bad... think again, it was terrible , because of my bad math , I end up have to cut all the tin to make it fit when all came precisely 12 x 12. Now I am building miniature rooms and furniture I am *much*more careful!*grin*

7. I am very sensitive person . I cry on funeral even if I never meet the person alive. Just recently our family went to a funeral for a man that lived down the street. I could see all the people staring at me because Icouldn't stop crying.... I was crying because I knew his wife and she looked so sad.

I also laugh when others are happy . It makes me feel happy too. If I could have chosen a job in my life would have been to deliver flowers because I always thought that was a marvelous job. One can get to see the happy reaction of the recipient and even though the person receive the flowers *knows* that the person how is handling is *not* the one that actually sent it... . I like that... I like when others smiles and are happy!*grin*


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh ma chèrie,
I just got home from a long, long day at school. It is a joy to come to visit you and find such wonderful things about you!!! You and I have even more in common than I thought! Even though I am a teacher, I do not like math. I will have to one day write to you to tell you about the miracle that God has done in me regarding this subject. I still have to review the math before I teach it; I did not go to school to be a math teacher!! And then the sensitivity are I are cut out of the same mold. I cry when something sad happens in a movie....I used to cry as a little girl when I would see an old man walking down the street. I cry when little boys are hurt---I weep uncontrollably when I see an animal, especially a HORSE hurt. The list goes on and on! I am good at directions, and I have never shot a gun, but you must tell me more about that break-in experience! Well, you are certainly a beautiful and interesting person, but of course, I already now that!!! Both Ruben and I had such a great weekend looking at your animals....we love you dearly. Bisous, ANita

Dessa Rae said...

I enjoyed getting to know you better!! You are a beautiful person inside and out!!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dear Anita and Dessa, I am afraid I did not list all the *bad* things about it...grin... now you thing good of me.*grin*
(((Thank you))) kindly for your comments and taking your time in reading it.
Wishing you both a beautiful day!
We had no power for while and my dark home was lit with candles and querozene lamps.... children were having a feast. One of these things I take for granted ...Electric power!

Bonnie said...

Hi Patricia, congratulations on the award! I really enjoyed getting to know you better and guess what, like you and Anita, I hate math! I will be posting my 7 things shortly!