Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Polar bear and others...

Hello *you*~

I am showing you my newly creations that i just listed at ebay. More animals I make more I love it. i often think how blessed I am to be able to crab a hot cup of tea and sit at my comfortable rocking chair every day and sculpt these little creations of mine... but the *best* thing is that because my children are home schooled, I have their presence with me all the time and I tell you ... there is nothing like that!*grin*

Pictures will play with you at times.... these animals are quite small... even a Polar bear!

I am loving to make cats. It has not been easy for me and if you look at my first ones you will see great improvements..... Yes!*grin* I know I am getting better because every time I make a new one *I* want to keep it. I am working on my first room box ,since I can not start working on my dollhouse yet , and I know little cats makes a house be a home, don't you think?*smiles*

What about a study room, or a library.... bear rug is great!

No reason to make a momma opossum except that Ben , my youngest son, was crying last week because he found one dead by our door.... poor thing!

I just love the wild animals , and after all , many people out there are making animal room boxes... they just need to find *me*!Grin!!!!!

*** you can click on picture to view the auction***


Dessa Rae said...

OMG!!! Patricia!! You are so talented, these beautiful little animals look like they could breathe. I am going to have to go and look at the auctions. P.S. LOVE the bear skin rug...lol

The Dutchess said...

Wonderful dearest...I see Raccoon has a family...he must mis them out there in Nowhere..:)))Is there a mouse in your collection....Miss Moussie maybe..then she must be very very tiny..being a miniature moussie...
Have a wonderful day...stay warm and stay happy!

Jacqueline said...

You remind me of Tasha Tudor. I hope you see that as a great compliment. I loved her so. She had such a love of animals, doll houses, stories and that special miniature world. The second person you remind me of is my own mom. Full of creativity, God given talent and a heart of gold.